2018 f150 rattling noise when accelerating

I started hearing an awful grinding noise coming from what sounded like the front left part of the vehicle which would last a few seconds.

2018 f150 rattling noise when accelerating

At first it seemed like it would only happen during acceleration and while gears were shifting up. It would occur intermittently maybe once every 10 or 15 minutes while driving. I did observe it start to happen while driving steady in 10th gear on the highway so I assumed it wasn't related to the transmission.

The noise sounds like metal on metal grinding and the vibration can be felt while driving the vehicle. I read some input on various websites suggesting to put the truck in 4WD to see if the problem remains or goes away. It turns out that when I operate the vehicle in 4WD I do not hear the grinding noise. As I understand it, this is consistent with what would happen if the IWE system was experiencing a problem. I took the truck into the Ford dealer last Friday and described the problem and explained that I had done a little bit of research and even found a video on YouTube that showed a video of a F truck with a very similar noise as to what I am hearing with my vehicle.

I suggested they test drive the vehicle and their technician will probably hear and feel the problem. I told them that it might be the IWE but they didn't seem interested and I guess were determined to figure it out themselves.

As it turns out after having the truck in the shop all day, the Ford service dept called and said they couldn't duplicate the problem.

They told me to bring it back when the noise occurs more consistently. It's sad to be experiencing 2 safety recalls and this pending mechanical failure already on a brand new Ford F What's even sadder is the inability of the Ford Service department to troubleshoot the problem or at least offer options for next steps in trying to get the problem resolved.

This truck was expensive and I'm not satisfied. Parts on national backorder. Looks like Ford is experiencing a major defect in the hub driveline. The grinding noise comes from the 4x4 actuator which I guess is called the IWE. I have to bring it back in a few weeks for them to try again. Judging by the amount of traffic on this issue online Ford needs to issue a recall to get this fixed.

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2018 f150 rattling noise when accelerating

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Ford Focus ignition Ford Explorer transmission engine complaint electrical issue heater complaint transmission complaint paint defect F recall. Not what you are looking for?Otherwise, we will have roads filled with pickups that have faulty engines, terrible steering and defective structures. You have legal rights to cash, return or buyback.

The law makes Ford pay legal fees. We've fixed thousands of lemon problems. Message or call today. The engine is the heart and essential aspect to a properly running truck. Just look at what this Edmunds user wrote. Right after the 5K oil change the 5.

2018 f150 rattling noise when accelerating

They also said that the noise is typical of the 5. After the 10K oil change I was going to take a short trip and decided to check the oil. It used 1 quart in 2K miles. I took it in and they said they would do an oil consumption test. Which is a pain if you drive a lot. They determined that my truck used 1. Ford has decided to replace the engine. They also said they will check the transmission issues after the new engine just in case that is the root cause. After all of that my dash is starting to bulge up on the passenger side, which Ford has a service bulletin out on.

They are going to replace that at the time that this thing is in for the engine replacement. At this rate this thing will be a brand new truck again before I even put 15K miles on it. Can you say Heartbeat of America. This problem increases the chance for a crash due to intermittent stalling. Vehicle is a F with the 5. When the engine is first started after a long period, it will exhibit an engine rattle noise when letting of the gas pedal between rpm to rpm and sometimes when slowly accelerating.

Once the engine gets to operating temp, the noise goes away. The truck must be in gear and under load, it does not happen when in park or neutral.

The truck has been taken back to the dealership to have TSB preformed with no success. My truck consumes over 2 quarts of oil every miles.

Ford says this is normal. My engine knocks. My engines whines and whistles. My engine is down on power noticeably on the interstate which makes driving the truck dangerous.

All of this ford says is normal. None of this is normal unless it was a pinto. This truck should be removed from the road permanently. When someone thinks of the electrical system in a vehicle, most people assume it references the battery. A malfunction on any level is annoying and dangerous. Will also happen again repeatedly after closing. While tailgate is open after falling in open position you can hear relay clicking noises in passenger side dashboard area.

Sounds like relays are constantly triggering to open tailgate.In March ofI was in the market for a new-to-me truck. My Ford F had treated me very well, and I decided on a F with the revised Coyote 5. This was a big purchase. The dealership happened to have a truck specced exactly as I wanted, and it was the one sitting in the showroom when I walked in.

I elected to lease the truck for 39 months and 15, miles per year, thinking it could be smart to always have a tow vehicle that is newish, under warranty, and worry-free for longer trips. The F was an excellent tow vehicle and truck in general. Mine had all of the driver assistance technology, which even worked while towing. The speed had teething pains, but they were quickly resolved after a month or two of ownership with a software update.

2018 Ford F-150 5.0L Cold Engine Rattle - TSB 18-2354 Does Not Fix

The revised 5. My F V8 visited two dealership service departments inand over the course of four trips to address various recalls or small issues, spent eight days out of service. I knew the engine and transmission were both new for the model year, though, and figured some shop time might be necessary as with any new hardware. But, as the F and I rounded the corner intoa noise developed from the engine bay. When the engine and engine oil were cold, I observed a rattle coming from the top of the engine every time I accelerated to 2, rpm and lifted off the throttle.

It was easy to hear, as I parked the truck in the concrete parking garage under my apartment. Any abnormal noises reflected off of the concrete walls and were amplified back into the cabin. After hearing the rattle, I started taking note of when it would happen. A warm engine with hot oil circulating produced no noise, but sure enough, every morning, I got to listen to something rattle as I made my way out of the parking garage and down Wilson Boulevard.

It made for a very annoying couple of miles, especially given I was driving a brand-new truck with about 10, miles on the odometer. As I noticed this mysterious rattle, I started doing some research. I came across a thread on FForum. The suggested fix was a software update to the engine computer. On January 10, with 13, miles, I took my truck to the local dealership and reported the problem. Some noise is a normal characteristic of this engine. After retrieving my F from the service department, I woke up the next morning eager to leave the parking garage with a quieter engine.

While my service advisor was sympathetic, he and the technician claimed the noise was just a normal characteristic of the and-newer 5.

TSB 18-2354 Didn’t Fix my 2018 Ford F-150 V8, and Ford Bought It Back

If every 5. The thread had blown up, with many other V8 F owners reporting the same thing. The gentleman on the other end of the phone suggested I get a second opinion from a different service department.So how do you find out what problems are occurring?

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Find something helpful? Spread the word. Share on Facebook Retweet this page Email this page. Add Complaint. There is a ticking rattle sound from the top of the engine area. The sound is noticeably louder after starting then the volume drops a level, but still steady sound there after, moving or not.

The contact owns a Ford F The contact received notification of NHTSA campaign numbers: 18V engine and 20V exterior lighting however, the part to do the recall repair was not yet available. The contact stated that the manufacturer had exceeded a reasonable amount of time for the recall repair.

Bommarito Ford located at dunn rd, hazelwood, mo was contacted and it was confirmed that the parts were not available. The manufacturer was made aware of the issue and was not able to confirm when the parts were to become available. The contact had not experienced a failure.

Parts distribution disconnect. Last October the engine started rattling at startup. This would be done under warranty. They ordered the parts and informed me that the parts were on back order.

I brought the truck in on Feb 11th for repair and was told would take 3 days to complete.Log In Register.

Public Service Forums. Post Reply 1 of 1. Last 1. You must be a subscriber to. Joined: Sep 11, Posts: Anybody with a 5. Looks like Ford has issued a TSB, but it doesn't seem like the fix is working for most.

Joined: Aug 15, Posts: 5, User Profile Private Message. Curious to texags response on this. I've been monitoring all the truck boards for the past few months as well.

4x4 (Iwe) Actuator Is Grinding

Joined: Dec 3, Posts: 1, My work truck is a 5. Joined: Sep 25, I traded in my '16 5. Joined: Oct 10, My stutters while idling at lights. Ford can't figure out wtf it is. It's only stalled once. Haven't noticed any rattling but when I sell this one in a few years I'm getting a dodge if they still have that lifetime warranty. Posts: 15, This seems dumb AF but I don't think I'd know if my truck was rattling My truck makes a high pitched squeak when I accelerate Joined: Aug 28, I've got a F Lariat FX4 with the 5.

Right at 49, miles. Joined: Nov 17, Posts: 4, Shoulda gotten that booost.Seven problems related to engine rattling and whining sounds have been reported for the Ford F The most recently reported issues are listed below.

Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the Ford F based on all problems reported for the F There is a ticking rattle sound from the top of the engine area. The sound is noticeably louder after starting then the volume drops a level, but still steady sound there after, moving or not.

To hagerstown Ford dealership that this truck does not operate correctly! You can smell burned oil coming from under the hood and exhaust. I have several video documentation to my statement! I spoke with larry when the truck was dropped off in November to have dash replaced for a week,to call me and tell me they didn't have the correct dash?

I have contacted larry in regards to this vechile oil use is unreal!!! I am told to keep adding oil. Why are you not covering the oil, it's under warranty? I feel I'm getting the run around n if something isn't resolve soon I will take further action. So I've also been advise that the oil backflow that's burning out the exhaust the filters will have oil consumption through them as well!! I think so!. On September 15, I purchased a new Ford f 5.

Ford said it was normal, but the knock wasn't there before the oil change. Ford tried to say it was the direct injection making the noise. Which might be true but other owners have reported the knocking noises and have had scored cylinders that required the engine blocks to be replaced by Ford. After researching this noise, I discovered that there is a TSB for the rattling noise.

The service department stated that Ford told them the issue was normal operating characteristics. If either of these noises were normal, then it would have made them when it was brand new. These problems have been brought up to Ford by numerous owners of f's and mustangs with the same engine. Ford refuses to fix anything and just says the issues are normal.

Since Ford inssued a TSB for the rattle issue and replaced engine blocks for the knocking it tells me Ford knows these are issues and they are not normal without NHTSA or ftc intervention Ford may not fix these problems under warranty.I have a 94 ford f When i accelerate i hear a rattling noise under the hood be the passenger side.

I only hear it around to rpm. What could the problem be? How can i fix it? My truck has k and whenever I punch the throttle or have to accelerate hard to g It gets loader when we tow our travel trailer.

2018 Ford F-150 Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

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2018 f150 rattling noise when accelerating

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