Bjj flow chart

Instead, as you progress in the art, you start getting little glimpses of it, hints of how things might hook together, and brief moments when things work out effortlessly. Nothing makes sense: you get squished, dominated and submitted. You might even have some good defensive instincts built up that make it harder for your opponents to sweep or submit you. One of the next big steps in your BJJ development is the ability to string moves together. And this is where flow starts to develop.

Techniques rarely work in isolation, so the most common way to break through to the next stage is to develop your first basic gameplan. A set of techniques that kinda sorta work for you most of the time, at least against people of your own skill and size level. Oftentimes these breakthroughs are actually guard sweeps.

One or two techniques that can semi-reliably sweep an opponent if you catch them off guard. Even as a white belt, if I could set up an opponent into giving me the position for these sweeps then — boom — they were usually going for a ride.

But this success brings new problems, new challenges…. It really sucks to nail a gorgeous sweep, send your partner for a ride — ass over teakettle — only to get tapped out a few seconds later by a triangle choke or armbar from inside their guard. This problem forces you to develop a more complete game.

You realise that you need one or two good guard passes to go with that guard sweep which is finally beginning to work for you.

At first any guard guard pass is better than no guard pass. Too many people have guard passes that are completely unconnected to their sweeps. Which means they end up in good positions after a sweep, but if their favourite guard pass has a different starting position, they disconnect, reset, and try to get to their preferred guard passing position.

No, you draw your pistol, and shoot the guy. Almost every guard sweep has a set of guard passes that naturally connect to the sweep. These passes allow you to take advantage of the position you end up in as you come to the top. This is a concept that Brandon Mullins drove home with many concrete examples in his Non-Stop Jiu-Jitsu instructional set.

And once you have that submission, well then, you just built your first effective three part gameplan. Gameplans like this work far more often than you might give them credit for. And the first time you pull it off you will have achieved a little bit of flow.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Microsoft Word provides built-in tools for creating and arranging different types of flowcharts.

You can create your own flowchart by using different shapes and SmartArt. A drop-down menu displays a large library of shapes you can choose from. To draw the shape, click and drag.

Repeat the above steps to insert the shape. To connect the two shapes, head back to the shape menu and select the connector you want to use. Once you select the arrow, click the center handle on the first shape and then, while still holding down your mouse button, drag to the center handle on the next shape. In addition to using shapes to create your flowchart, you also have some pretty handy options with SmartArt. This SmartArt graphic is designed explicitly to detail a process.

It groups shapes for adding photos 1 and text 2. Enter the relevant information.

bjj flow chart

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Since we launched inour articles have been read more than 1 billion times. Want to know more?Last Updated on Danaher really digs into the fine details as he always does. The trilemma consists of three linked attacks from the position where if the opponent defends one attack, it makes them more susceptible to another; getting swept from the knee tap, getting their back taken or getting swept with a roll through deep half sweep. Notes that I have taken on the instructional may be found: here.

Danaher often use names for techniques that may not be widely used. What was used in this instructional are:. A physical poster of the flowchart can be purchased from Zazzle through this link: here.

All purchases through Zazzle provides the website with a small donation to help with hosting costs. This flowchart has also been compacted down to a single easily printable A4 page. Perfect for lamination and use at the gym. It has taken extra time to compact them and it would be most appreciated if you donated to help maintain the site to obtain them.

A Handful of Techniques Made me Effective as a BJJ White Belt

Donate for an easily printable A4-sized pdf here: Printable Flowchart. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Notes that I have taken on the instructional may be found: here Danaher often use names for techniques that may not be widely used.

Spread the love. Previous Post Previous post: Hello world! You might also like. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Partner of Zebra Athletics. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Rubber Guard Flow Chart. Im in an area where the closest affiliate is 7 hours away.

Ive been training for about 6 years and have a purple belt under Pedro Sauer but have decided to chuck that in the corner and re-approach jiu jitsu with a fresh prospective. I have a great group of guys that train with me and have started this journey with me. We are currently working our way thru the A's and started learning the rubber guard. When I first started training the guard "flow chart" was arm bar, arm bartriangle, omoplata.

So far with the rubber guard weve gone mission control,zombie,new york, dead orchard. It feels like jiu claw is next? Would appreciate any input and forgive how silly or slow this may sound or if Ive just overlooked the obvious answer floating around here somewhere. Any input is appreciated. Originally Posted by Eddie Bravo. You a bad mutha fucka Chris. Greatly appreciated! Originally Posted by Chris Ludington. Originally Posted by Anton Krischer. Chris Ludington: Maybe you could add the Flowchart to the sticky post "Techniques Guide" in the Forum, so everbody can find it faster.

Originally Posted by Keith D. I obviously know I'm not going to dead orchard so what is a better suggestion. The world of Jiu Jitsu needs this. Thank you! Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. All times are GMT The time now is PM.Discussion in ' Grappling Technique ' started by DannicusMay 1, Log in or Sign up.

bjj flow chart

I did some web browsing and found this basic chart and wanted your opinions. DannicusMay 1, My question is what purpose this serves? BJJ is a very open and chaotic sport, don't try to follow a flowchart. RyanRMay 1, MattynoMay 1, Joined: Jan 27, Messages: Likes Received: 2.

Joined: Nov 11, Messages: 62 Likes Received: 0. Considering that flow charts and other tools are used for seriously complicated automatic control systems or process controls, I find it really unlikely that BJJ is too much for it Flow charts and mind maps are much more useful when used for clarifying positions etc rather than a strict tool to use while grappling. I find them really handy. It makes it clearer for me to see the transitions between positions and moves StratMay 1, Aesopian had a good one on his site last year:.

Joined: Aug 9, Messages: Likes Received: 2. Gengis DanMay 1, Joined: Jul 9, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 6. Joined: Nov 12, Messages: Likes Received: 1. Depending on your play style you may choose totally different transition paths. Probably best a blue belt to create it for himself when studying his style to become a purple. TigerRoarDec 24, Joined: Jun 6, Messages: 2, Likes Received: 9. I think flowcharts would be good if you're working on a plan for competition and want to know exactly what you're gonna do from every position.


Otherwise it's not a good thing and very limiting, 10thjj have a flowchart with very specific transitions from one move to another, this is probably one of the main reasons why they have so few variations in the style of their guys and why they produce such terrible grapplers on average. KarateFistDec 24, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

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When the first technology did become available, it was a brilliant idea, everyone wanted to jump on board and adopt, but it was expensive. In the years that it took for me to be able to afford a solar system at home, the technology improved, the costs came down, the ability to shop around increased, all significantly.

How to Experience Flow for the First Time in BJJ

Also, the market had become wise as to how to make the best use of it. In the beginning, the obvious effectiveness against other styles was glaring us in the face, but if you wanted to learn you had to travel to Brazil or at the very least America to get a quality education in BJJ. Over time, the systems of testing effectiveness and transmitting instruction have become vastly improved.

We now have so many impressive exponents of BJJ each championing different learning styles and philosophies, all adding to the richness of the art. The second insight is this: There are other ways besides BJJ to get your itches scratched, BJJ just happens to be a really rich and comprehensive framework to use to do it with. There are numerous aspects of self-improvement and personal growth.

Today, there are hundreds of schools of thought and opinions on each one: What to eat, when to eat, how to exercise, what to read and so on. If you want to understand what a framework is, or how it works, think of a to-do list on steroids. Here is a fairly standard definition of a framework:. I noticed that if I paid close enough attention, it was clear to me that this way of structuring and organizing was present any time any person or group of people were trying to tackle a complex set of challenges and goals.

When I started training and rolling, I realised the following things, some immediately, some took a little longer. The jumble of words below should give some indication on how bewildering everything felt and how many harsh realities I had to face.

My first lesson I was overwhelmed, outclassed, outgunned, completely winded. When I got off the mat, I was so wiped out, I had to lay down with a towel over my head and recuperate for about an hour.

bjj flow chart

This kept happening over the first eight weeks. I kept going back. Firstly, I did not understand the language. Everyone was better than me, nothing I thought I had learned before helped or made any difference. The pace at which the onslaught of guard passing, body control and submission was happening was completely overwhelming.

Secondly, my body just caved in.

Bjj Flow Chart : make your game better by connecting your techniques

Being 6 foot, and lbs cm, 96kgs made very little difference. In fact, it made me a target.After using them for a couple of months, I noticed a dramatic increase in my overall jiu-jitsu game. If you take the time to make some of your own, I'm sure you will too. Right at the start of my grappling career, I stumbled across this flow chart of Rickson Gracie's on the web:. This gives a pretty good insight into the way Rickson thinks. As you can see, his whole game is based around the mount position.

But you don't have to be Rickson to make use of this powerful training tool. Because jiu-jitsu was created around positional strategy, I personally like to create my flow charts around certain positions, i. But there's nothing to stop you for creating more specific diagrams around particular sweeps, submissions or whatever. Below I have included a very basic closed-guard flow diagram.

I usually do my flow charts freehand, but this time I digitized one of them so it's easier for you guys to read:. So you can see that when I'm fighting from my closed guard, my main strategy is to try to break my opponent's posture. If you have a large enough piece of paper, there is no limit to how specific or broad you can be with your flow diagrams. As you become more skilled and your depth of technical knowledge increases, the natural progression will be an increase in the complexity of your flow diagrams.

In my opinion, creating flow Diagrams for Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a much more effective method than regular note-taking. If I were any good at drawing, I'd even add in little sketches to each of the steps in the flow diagram. Let me know if this has helped you, and if you have any tips of your own for making flow diagrams. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. Free Stuff. Rickson Gracie's Flow Chart Right at the start of my grappling career, I stumbled across this flow chart of Rickson Gracie's on the web:.

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