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Warface AMB-17 - New OP weapon for the engineer

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Steyr Scout

Warface Store Page. Global Achievements. You can simply ban for the duration of the match, if your dev-team's desire to fight the insults in vain is so prevalent. If you strive for fairness for all players - you are not achieving it with this abysmal practice. Long version: Hello, the game is great, but that new chat ban system is absolutely out of place.

Everyone is just using the modified words. I got my first ban when I said something not in a personal way, but addressing the situation in a light-hearted manner.

I didn't even intend to continue arguing. So, I got banned from chat and I don't even know for how long and the original offender continued with insults using modified words.

This is stupid. This thing brings more harm than good and in the end the nice people like me who usually don't initiate insults are suffering. And those who always abusive will continue to be that way using modified words for insults. How is this fair? The sane thing to do is just chat ban for the duration of the match, that would make sense. But in it's current state it is a censorship in the worst discriminatory way possible. If you care about your players, who play, bring new people to the game and pay money for it, do something about this awful and absolutely and totally unfair practice.

This system is as insulting as the insults you are trying to fight against. Showing 1 - 7 of 7 comments. I just realized this chat ban is also discriminating about English language users, while allowing other languages freely and fully use all kinds of swearing. How cool is that?

Maybe I should learn some Spanish Satmu View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by gordoIsMyName :. I cooled off about that thing already. Still, I feel the incident of this ban was really unfair and not justified enough.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Warface Store Page. Global Achievements.

excuse warface

View Profile View Posts. Showing 1 - 15 of 30 comments. Originally posted by Angela Ferkel :. Easy, 2 days ago Turkey just block EU players to play in Turkey Warface, and now you got the same gift : Enjoy it : You turkish ppl start this, not us! Last edited by BenchAndGames ; 18 May, am. Originally posted by BenchAndGames :. Now my. It is just that, its nothing about you did something in particular, if you want to blame someone, start blame you own Turkey crytek developers.

Kenxyies View Profile View Posts. Scarlet View Profile View Posts. Kuruyoz oynuyoruz. Last edited by Scarlet ; 29 May, am. Steame bile gerek yok. Steamde Warface Turkiye den indirmeli. Everyone can be playmates with as. To Play with mates Lion View Profile View Posts. Ping harika.Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Browning High Power.

excuse warface

Christmas Firecracker. CZ 75 Czechmate Parrot. FN Five-seveN. Hype Zone Spray. Kel-Tec SUB Mateba Autorevolver. Pinkie-Micro Desert Eagle. Balisong Knife. Classic Soviet Knife. Executor Knife. Gerber Tomahawk.

HX Outdoors Trident. M48 Bowie Knife. Punishing Sword. Sapper Shovel. Beretta ARX Enfield L85A2 Custom. Howa Type 89 Custom. Sturmgewehr Stoner LMG A1. Anakon Semi-Automatic Shotgun. Benelli M4 Super Benelli Nova tactical. Chiappa Triple Threat.The Type 97 is a bullpup style Assault Rifle. It offers a mediocre damage per shot, a decent rate of fire, acceptable accuracy and good range properties. Unfortunately, compared to newer offerings, it lacks in almost every regard; its raw DPS is lower than nearly all of its compatriots, its damage multipliers are lower than newcomers and its recoil pattern is more difficult to control.

While the recoil is softer than lower-tier rifles like the AKit follows a rather odd path throughout each burst; it changes direction multiple times on longer, sustained bursts, making it somewhat unpredictable.

This is a major issue for both players who prefer to aim for the head and those who aim for the body; it is therefore better suited for tight, accurate bursts to the head.

excuse warface

It is better than most free options but is outclassed by nearly every other box rifle. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Type 97 Crown. Type 97 Desert Camo. Type 97 Magma. Categories :. Cancel Save. Repair Cost. Full repair - Damage Multipliers. Additional Information. The Chinese have constructed an export version, the Type 97, which is similar to the Type 95 in all respects except that it is chambered for 5.Skift sprog.

Installer Steam. Warface Butiksside. The game itself only have co-op mode and we don't have single player mode yet! We want the single player mode! Why do we need single player mode?

A First Look at Warface: Global Operations on PC

Because the reason why is that people kept on stealing peoples kill which is very annoying. And everytime when I tried to get multiple headshot kills, my team kept on stealing my kills and ruin my headshot kill streak which is very annoying.

Crytec, please add the single player mode so we can solo the mission by ourself with a soldier bot which means that we will not steal anyones kill except the soldier bot. Viser 1 - 13 af 13 kommentarer. There is no need in warface to have single player. If your team doesnt know how to teamwork, find another one Dave did you ever consider the possibility that maybe other people share his point of view? To be honest, lack of single-player mode and a community full of jerks like you are one reason this game is not more playable.

I get tired of playing these co-op games with idiots that all block doorways or want to charge into battle in hard missions and end up dying because they don't understand what cover is. No, becuz Dave is handicaped kiddo. Top kek. Crytek stated that they don't plan to implement a single player mode. Warface was developed as a cooperative game and it will stay that way. Whats the point of singleplayer if the entire game is based around multiplayer?

It would be nice to have a single player with bots DM option. Oprindeligt skrevet af -DAVE- :. Per side: 15 30 Diskussionsregler og retningslinjer. Alle rettigheder forbeholdes. Vis mobil-webside.The Steyr Scout is a Bolt-action Sniper Rifle featuring an extremely fast zoom-in duration of 80 msmaking it suitable for shorter-range combat with the use of quick-scoping techniques. The weapon also has a high rate of fire, but extremely short range, though this is negated by its extremely high minimum damage, a trait shared by the Orsis T and Bushmaster BA However, unlike the latter two weapons, the Scout does not feature an extended damage multiplier to the body or limbs, making it considerably less effective at longer ranges.

It features a Custom Silencer which considerably decreases both damage and range, but allows the user to fire the weapon without showing up on enemy radar. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Designed at by an Austrian company in collaboration with the legendary marine Jeff Cooper.

It has an extensive list of innovative features: butt-storage for an extra magazine, an emergency retractable sight and an integral folding bipod. Overview Edit The Steyr Scout is a Bolt-action Sniper Rifle featuring an extremely fast zoom-in duration of 80 msmaking it suitable for shorter-range combat with the use of quick-scoping techniques. Steyr Scout Gold. Steyr Scout Cyber Slayer. Categories :. Cancel Save. Repair Cost.

Full repair - Damage Multipliers. Additional Information. Scout Elite - a compact and lightweight bolt-action sniper rifle.The free-to-play and ridiculously named competitive shooter Warface is the first CryEngine game to grace the Nintendo Switch.

By modifying the hell out of it and limiting it to p docked and p handheld. Developed by My. Games in-house studio Allods Team, the folks behind the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Warface and Skyforgethe Switch version of the game has all the features of its console cousins, plus gyroscopic aiming and HD rumble. Please save your applause until the end of the presentation. Also it is free, which goes a long way toward making its stupid name more tolerable.

Everybody wins. Well, everybody playing Warface. Kotaku elder, lover of video games, keyboards, toys, snacks, and other unsavory things. So is this a Fortnite kind of game? I like trying out free things, but they usually end up being somehow not worth it anyway.

Everything you need to know about and expect during. The A. Mike Fahey. Filed to: Warface. HP Spectre x 2-in-1 Mike Fahey Posts Twitter. Share This Story.

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