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Lysithea is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. She possesses both a minor Crest of Charon and a major Crest of Gloucester. Lysithea is the eldest daughter and heir to House Ordelia. When she was two years old, her family suffered retribution from the Adrestian Empire for their role in House Hrym 's revolt.

She is a magical prodigy whose talents developed at an early age. In retaliation for House Ordelia answering House Hrym's call for aid, the Empire gained temporary control over the family while the Alliance turned a blind eye to avoid confrontation. The Empire killed key members of House Ordelia and replaced them with Imperial officials.

Some of those officials were mages of Those Who Slither in the Darkwho then imprisoned the Ordelia children and began conducting Crest experiments on them. Lysithea's parents were powerless to stop them and could only watch in horror as their children perished one by one. The mages were pleased at their success, but because the procedure of implanting two Crests had dramatically shortened Lysithea's lifespan, they lost interest and departed.

Due to her truncated life and the suffering her family had endured, Lysithea resolved to bring its affairs to an end. After completing her education and ensuring that her parents could live comfortably and in peace, she planned to eschew having children and dissolve House Ordelia.

At 15 years old, she is the youngest student admitted. After the end of the Academy phase, she returns to Ordelia to assist her parents with governmental affairs.

Fulfilling the promise the Golden Deer class made five years prior, Lysithea reunites with her classmates in Chapter 13arriving with Marianne and Raphael to rout bandits in the vicinity of Garreg Mach.

After the battle, she commits herself to fighting back against the Empire alongside Byleth and Claude in retaliation for her and her house's suffering at the hands of the Empire in the aftermath of the Hrym rebellion.

With the Leicester Alliance's capture of the Great Bridge of Myrddin after Chapter 16Lysithea returns briefly to Ordelia off-screen, convincing Count Ordelia, a key member of the pro-Imperial faction of the Alliance, to switch allegiances, thus helping to unify the full might of the Alliance against the Empire for the coming battles. Though she fears for her parents' safety should the Empire defeat the Alliance and invade Ordelia territory, she resolves to press on her chosen path.

During Chapter 17Lysithea notices strange masked mages dressed in black among the ranks of the Imperial Army. The evening after the battle, she approaches Byleth and Claude to inform them of her family's history with the Empire and these mysterious mages and of the blood experiments they conducted on her and her deceased relatives, warning them to be wary of these factions' alliance and their dreadful knowledge and power as Alliance forces prepare to advance deep into Imperial territory.

She learns of the existence of those who slither in the dark after the events of Chapter 20identifying them as the ones who used her for their blood experiments and surmising that Edelgard was also one of their victims. She approaches the final battles with those who slither in the dark with particular fervor, seeking to obliterate them so that they can never again do to anyone what they did to her, her deceased relatives, and Edelgard.

If Edelgard was sided with and Lysithea was recruited, she decides to remain with her classmates, supporting Edelgard's notion of abolishing the hated Crest system believing it to be created by the Church. She is worried about having to face Claude however, as she knows he is a good man and that he is simply trying to protect the Alliance. If Lysithea has not previously been recruited, she can be seen in Chapter 14 and be killed in the battle, but it is entirely possible to save her by the arrival of the Alymryan navy by defeating Claude.

If she is fought and defeated, Byleth has the option of either recruiting her or putting her out of her misery. If spared, she thanks them for giving her a second chance, though if killed, she apologizes to her parents in her dying breath.

If the Blue Lions route was chosen and Lysithea was recruited during the Academy phase, then she will join Byleth and Dimitri at Garreg Mach at the beginning of Chapter Due to the way Jeritza joins at lvl 27, stats will not be accurate. For closest results, set all of his classes except master to Commoner. Add more in depth statistical analysis mean, stdev, plot of expected stats. Further clean sheet formulas and ranges to make it more easily updated and upgraded. Find Ashen Wolves portraits that match the rest.

Find way to account for lvl at recruitment. Give more control over when characters change class. Change interface to allow stats to show what bonuses are applied i. Navigate to the "Team Builder" tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet. All user input is handled in the "Team Builder" tab.

A brief summary of the info in the "Team Builder" tab is displayed in the "Team Summary" tab. After clicking on the "Team Builder" tab, you will see a series of character cards that look like the image below. Each card represents a different member on your team. To change what character is shown, click on the dropdown arrow next to the character's name and select the desired character from the list. To change what classes the character will upgrade to, click the dropdown arrow next to each class name and select the desired class from the list.

Team Builder. Team Summary. Character Stats. Class Stats. Character Bios. This spreadsheet is intended to aid in the planning of teams and character class progressions in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This tool will give the expected stats of any recruitable character at various levels as well as show other relevant information, such as class skill requirements and character skill proficiencies.

In general, this should give you a decent idea of what a units stats will be at various levels. Units recruited at a level higher than level 1 may be less accurate because I haven't figured out exactly how the game levels them yet.

Change Log. Planned Features. Almost all of the data used in this spreadsheet is taken from the Three Houses section of Serenes Forest. How to Use This Spreadsheet. The remaining fields will automatically populate based on you selections.We have just hold the test print of our zine for the very first time and the book is looking absolutely spectacular. Some amendments still have to be made but in the meantime, please enjoy a quick look at the concept art of designs featured in this zine.

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While we are in the production period our Commoner Tier featuring PDF copies will stay open for preorder. We are absolutely overwhelmed with your love and excitement and feel extremely grateful for s community such as this. The last couple of hours to secure your copy of this Fire Emblem collaborative fanzine. We shall leave the store open until the morning.

Chief editor is in GMT and the store will be closed in the morning. A Fire Emblem Crossover zine. View post 5 April, So what about the pdf version. Asked by catsmasherplease. PDFs will be delivered as planned around the middle of April. Stay safe and take care, everyone.Fire Emblem Three Houses. Character Information. Gifts by Character. Gifts by Type.

Lost Items by Character. Lost Items by Type. Tea Time! Talented individuals, debating historical viewpoints and strategies, nature, beautiful scenery. The Church of Seiros, those who bother Edelgard, gambling, heights, nostalgia, laziness. Reading, drawing, music, embroidery, unusual creatures, stuffed animals, solitude.

Singing, acting, music, decorative ornaments and accessories, small animals. Combat, high-quality weapons, strength training, going for long rides, physically laborious work. Lone Wolf: He deals 5 extra damage when no battalion is assigned or when battalion endurance is 0. Sweets, tales of chivalry, travel journals, looking after children, violets. Philanderer: If a female ally is adjacent he deals 2 extra damage and takes 2 less damage during combat.

Sweets, needlework, ghost stories, adorable things, painting, reading, fragrant flowers. Live to Serve: When she heals an ally with white magic she heals herself for the same amount of HP. Indolence, dark places, hard-to-read places that need a good dusting, coffee. Food samples, meaty meals, looking after horses, tales of chivalry, virtuous knights. Blind reliance on Gods, leaving things to chance, being bound by common sense.

Distinguished House: He deals 2 extra damage while in formation with a battalion. Art, the Goddess, the Four Saints, striking landscapes, faraway lands, peace and quiet, beautiful flowers.

Being treated like a kid, anything physically laborious, ghosts, bitter foods. Jeralt, military arts, competition, hunting, fishing, gardening, collecting and reusing discarded objects. Rivalry: If a male ally is adjacent she deals 2 extra damage and takes 2 less damage in combat. Sacred Power: Adjacent allies deal 3 extra damage and take 3 less damage in combat. Strong opponents, feasts, Lady Rhea, training, outdoor activities, tasty food, music.

fire emblem three houses portraits google drive

Fighting Spirit: She takes 5 less damage when no battalion is assigned to her or when battalion endurance is 0. Can be recruited at level 15 Later she will leave if you side with Edelgard. Recruitable around chapter 6, will join automatically at the end of chapter 12 He will leave or refuse to join you if you side with Edelgard.

Lively places, learning new things, making friends, talking about love, forget-me-nots. Seteth's overprotectiveness, Setheth's inordinate meddling, lies, excessive sleeping.If you notice any errors, please report them to a member of our tech support team.


Nemesis was a leader of a group of bandits, but stole the remains of the goddess Sothis from the Holy Tomb. He later went to Zanado, the Red Canyon, and slaughtered several children of the goddess using the Sword of the Creator, which he obtained through unknown methods, and used their bodies to gain even more power, and brought war to the continent. He likely had help from those who slither in the dark. Afterwards, in order to use him as an inspiration to the masses, Seiros spread the false narrative that Nemesis was the King of Liberation, granted the Sword of the Creator and the Crest of Flames by Sothisand he slew several evil gods, only for his power to drive him mad.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Timeskip Character Designs – cast portraits before and after

If Byleth chooses to lead the Golden Deerthose who slither in the dark's millennium-long plan for revenge against Seiros culminates in his successful resurrection in Imperial Year Nemesis is the final boss of the Golden Deer route, Verdant Wind.

Normal Hard Maddening. Concept art of Nemesis from Three Houses. Nemesis swings the Sword of the Creator in his face-off with Seiros.

FE3H Characters Post Time Skip Portraits - Fire Emblem Three Houses

Not logged in Create account Log in. Fire Emblem Wiki. Site News Warning: This wiki contains spoilers. Read at your own risk! Namespaces Page Discussion. More More. Page actions View View source History. Seiros and Nemesis clash blades. The man who received the Sword of the Creator from the goddess and became a hero.

Rhea: Nemesis was originally the leader of a group of bandits. He plundered the Holy Tomb and stole the remains of the progenitor god. When Nemesis appeared in Zanado some time later, he already wielded the Sword of the Creator. Byleth: How did he get the Sword of the Creator?

Rhea: The legend that the goddess gifted him the sword so that he could fight the wicked gods That story was created after the fact. I do not know how Nemesis obtained the sword, or why he appeared in Zanado.

But he used that sword to massacre the people there. The children of the progenitor god. A mere bandit like Nemesis would not have been capable of anything so monstrous on his own Seteth: It was surmised that someone was collaborating with Nemesis, and there was a massive investigation to uncover who it was.Yuri is a character from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

He is the leader of the Ashen Wolvesand lives under the Officers Academy in an underground society, which is called Abyss. He's also currently the only known bearer of the Crest of Aubin. Yuri is a main character in the side story Cindered Shadows. Yuri is the leader of the Ashen Wolves.

fire emblem three houses portraits google drive

He was a student of the Officers Academybut was expelled due to circumstances, and moved to live in the Abyss. Underneath his crude speech, it can be vaguely seen that he holds a strong desire to protect the residents of Abyss. He was born in the yearin a poor town in Western Faerghus.

His mother was a prostitute, and the identity of his father is unknown. At some point during his childhood, his family hosted and nursed an elderly man back to health. As a token of gratitude, he taught him how to read and write, the memory of which he kept within a notebook.

fire emblem three houses portraits google drive

Some time later, he fell deathly ill to a plague which wiped almost his entire town, but was saved and healed by the same elderly man, who passed away some time later due to natural causes. This chain of events inspired him to obtain his compassionate resolve. In the yearhe is noticed by Count Rowe and taken as an adoptive son, where he took the name Yuri.

It is revealed through his supports with Byleth that it was the name he was given when he was adopted by Count Rowe. Though he still kept his true name, he hid it out of necessity. Although he tells Byleth his true name in their S-support, it is never revealed to the player. Inhe was enrolled in Garreg Mach's Officers Academy but was expelled due to a scandal. When he and other knights were tasked with killing people from a gang, Yuri recognized them as old friends from before, and killed his fellow knights.

Due to this incident, Yuri was slated for execution but Aelfric had him pardoned and then he was sent to Abyss. In actuality, Archbishop Rhea tasked Yuri with keeping an eye on Aelfric, due to his recent suspicious behavior. While in Abyss, Yuri was hired as an assassin by an unknown sponsor to kill Count Varley's young daughter, Bernadettaas she possessed the Crest of Indech. He infiltrated House Varley by taking on a job as an assistant gardener, and believing that he could only accomplish the job by obtaining her trust, he befriended Bernadetta.

She considered him to be her first friend and they played around the gardens, and he considered her to be the first one he had to babysit frequently.

Once enough trust had been formed, Yuri snuck into her room to kill her but could not bring himself to do so, which he claimed was his biggest mistake at the time. This brief moment of hesitation allowed for Count Varley to burst in and catch him in the act, where he had his men severely beat him up, though he survived.

Bernadetta was not informed of the assassination attempt, mistakenly believing that she was responsible for his death. Yuri survived however, and returned to Abyss.The story revolves around a mercenary named Byleth, who discovers a mental connection to a mysterious girl named Sothis. After getting caught in a battle with bandits, Sothis blesses them with the ability to rewind time, which they use to save three youths from death. The game features some major changes to the series formula.

A time management component is introduced, along with a new focus on customization: Byleth can guide units' stat growth and change their job classes on a weekly basis, leading up to a major battle at the end of each month. Two new types of equipment have been added as well. The first is a new weapon type, gauntletswhich emphasize high speed and multiple hits.

The second new type of "equipment" are battalions. These can increase their commander's stats and execute Gambits with various effects, such as locking enemies in place or supporting allies.

fire emblem three houses portraits google drive

Meanwhile, the Weapon Trianglea series staple, has been removed, although there are high-level abilities that emulate it.

The game's character design is the work of Chinatsu Kurahana, of Uta no Prince-sama fame. Following the initial release of the game, an Expansion Pass added new content in waves. The first three releases added new units, battalions, side missions, and cosmetics. The fourth and final wave, released February 13,is a side story titled "Cindered Shadows" and explores a secret "fourth house" of students hidden beneath the monastery.

Byleth appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the fifth and final downloadable character of the first Fighter's Pass.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Along with Byleth, Garreg Mach Monastery is included as a new stage in the game. A skin based on the game is also available in Tetris Preview trailers: E3 TrailerFeb Overview. Dimitri finds out the Flame Emperor's true identity Example of: Laughing Mad.

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A gift, to help guide the lost. However, in ancient times, the goddess graced this world with her presence and offered salvation to the people here. She is the mother of all life, the arbiter of every soul. Here in cherished halls In peaceful days I fear the edge of dawn Knowing time betrays.

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