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He then returned to the living world in the body of Mo Xuanyuwho had summoned Wei Wuxian's soul through a Sacrificial Ritual. In his original body, Wei Wuxian was considered quite handsome, ranking fourth in the list of top cultivator gentlemen of his generation. In his youth, he wore the purple robes of the Yunmeng Jiang Sect. After turning to Demonic Cultivation, however, Wei Wuxian wore black robes. His flute Chenqing hung at his waist, adorned with blood-red tassels. In the body of Mo XuanyuWei Wuxian considered himself a handsome youth, with a youthful, if unfamiliar, face.

Wei Wuxian possessed an energetic and mischievous personality, caring little for rules [6] and decorum. Beneath his carefree attitude, however, Wei Wuxian cared deeply for those he loved. He possessed a self-sacrificing spirit that ranged from mild risks like sneaking alcohol to his friends in the Cloud Recesses[8] to being willing to have his own hand removed if it meant placating the Qishan Wen Sect 's ire towards the Yunmeng Jiang Sect.

During the transplant, Wei Wuxian endured the entire operation awake and without pain medication for two nights and one day. Intelligent and inventive, Wei Wuxian openly inquired to Lan Qiren whether there was a way to utilize resentful energy instead of suppressing it. Wei Wuxian had a strong sense of justice. For instance, he quickly joined the fight against Wen Chao in the cave of the Tortoise of Slaughter despite the risk. Nevertheless, Wei Wuxian was more than capable of expressing regret and admitting his faults.

He believed that he became worse and worse every time he met Lan Wangji in his first life, and intended the words "thank you" to draw a clear distinction between himself and the noble Lan Wangji. As a result of his experiences as both a hero and a pariah to cultivational society, Wei Wuxian saw nuance where many others did not.

Despite the fact that Jin Guangyao had attempted to frame him for mass murder at the Second Siege of the Burial MoundsWei Wuxian expressed caution when further evidence of Jin Guangyao's misdeeds emerged.

He considered that the actions of Nie Huaisang were not necessarily those of justice, noting that many of Jin Guangyao's apparent kindnesses were currently unexplained. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.While I could rant about the fact that people cannot take a joke nor appreciate the fact we buy the raws and do everything for free so others can read it for free, I am going to stop myself and let everyone know just one thing:.

If anyone would like to post this image to free manga reading uploading sites to let everyone know, feel free. Hey gays, Aresk here. I did make that joke panel and some people are not taking it too well.

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Thank you so much for all your hard work. Many hugs, Z. I wish I would have known about you I would have loved to read your bl translations as well as the joke!

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I hope one day you come back to it so I can finally read it! Thank you for all your hard work even if I did not get to enjoy it! Sadly, it breaks my heart that you let them win. Taking all that hard work down, removing it from the site, was giving in to their stupidity. I hope, however, that you reconsider the decision and resume.

I was so looking forward to reading the manhua. The words are quite carefully selected plus they allow for a smoother execution of the plot.In a room for antiques at the storage facilities in the Cloud Recesses, Wei Wu Xian finds an old incense burner. The burner has a body like a bear, a nose like an elephant, eyes like a rhinoceros, a tail like an ox, feet like a tiger. The stomach is the incense holder, and after lighting it, thin smoke drifts from its mouth. Lan Zhan, do you know what this is for?

Lan Wang Ji shakes his head. But, not long after the two laid down, they felt extremely sleepy, and drifted off into sleep. When Wei Wu Xian awoke, he had no idea how long had passed, and found himself and Lan Wang Ji in a patch of wilderness instead of their rooms in the Cloud Recesses.

Lan Wang Ji does not reply. Walking quietly to a nearby stream, he indicates for him to look down. Wei Wu Xian follows, peeked into the water, and freezes. Reflected in the water is his visage from his previous life! For a while, Wei Wu Xian stares at the face in the water. Then he wrenched his gaze away. And so the two began to walk around this strange piece of mountain wilderness. Not long after, they come across a small wooden hut. Just then, a series of mechanical whirrs drift from inside the house.

A very familiar person. The simple set of blue-white robes worn by him takes on the aura of immortals. The loom seems to be operated by a spell, creaking through the motions by itself, and he sits by its side, book in hand, reading with a distilled concentration. He stands up to welcome him, and pours him a cup of water.

I like that one. Ate it once, vomited it out. I dreamt that we withdrew, moved to the mountains, I go out to hunt and tend the land, you stay home to weave and cook, oh, and, you also help me do the budgeting, plus you fix my clothes at night.

Lan Wang Ji sees him beside himself with mirth, and his gaze softens. Lantern light shines out from a second floor window; voices sound from within. Wei Wu Xian looks up. Wei Wu Xian hears it, eyes lighting up. The two walk into the lantern-lit Library, and something very interesting greets them. A book lies open on the ground, images yellowing from age. A young Wei Wu Xian is just about rolling off the bookshelf from laughter. With some difficulty, he raises a hand.

Wei Wu Xian pulls him to a bench nearby and sits down, watching their younger selves argue with a wide grin. Lan-Er Gong-zi! Watch your manners!Nothing says " Will They or Won't They?

mdzs bichen extra

Warning : Due to the novel invoking a Rewatch Bonus and being rife with Foreshadowing and Chekhov's Gunsall spoilers below are unmarked.

Proceed at your own risk.

mdzs bichen extra

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Why can someone as boring as him always make me so happy?

The standard Opposites Attract formula fails to cover their entire relationship. Because Lan Wangji is so stoicit's always hard to tell when he becomes jealous. But he gets jealous a lot, to the point of being called "Vinegar Jug" by some of the Chinese fandom, as "to eat vinegar" is Chinese for jealousy. Twice Wei Wuxian had to improvise to hide his true identity.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The first time, he claims that his surname is Lan after the husband's surname. The second time, in order to keep the cover story, Wei Wuxian fibs that he Mo Xuanyu has moved on to another person: Lan Wangji.

Lan Wangji plays the role of doting husband very well: ordering all spicy foods despite himself not tolerating the stuff, paying for everything from makeup to wine to kids toys, fending off dogs, etc.

mdzs bichen extra

And this is all before they ever got together and before Lan Wangji knew that Wei Wuxian doesn't remember the events of the Nightless City siege.

Novel Main Story. When Lan Wangji asks his brother why he invited the others, Lan Xichen cheerfully says he knows his brother is fond of Wei Wuxian and secretly wanted him to come along. In the donghua Lan Wangji's eyes glance behind him to see Wei Wuxian rowing a boat and denies this claim.

Wei Wuxian entering the cold spring with Lan Wangji, keep in mind they're both pretty much naked save for their undergarments. Every time Wei Wuxian tries to get physically close to Lan Wangji, he immediately moves away. He prepares to walk away before teasingly commenting on Lan Wangji's figure, which causes Lan Wangji to turn away as his ears begin to visibly flush.

The Sunshot Campaign Nearly driven insane at the Burial Mounds Wei Wuxian's life flashes before him with all of the people he held dear calling for him. While they all pass by pretty quickly, the only person who seems to stick out to him the most is Lan Wangji's voice, calling his name.

It's only after he recalls this memory does he manage to control the dark energy at the Burial Mounds. The Phoenix Mountain Hunt The Phoenix Mountain scene where Wei Wuxian takes on the bet to hunt blindfolded, and when he goes to rest he realizes someone's nearby and they end up kissing him hard.

He assumed it was a girl too nervous to show her face, not taking into account why he finds Lan Wangji angrily punching a tree when he tries to investigate. But as he and Lan Wangji prepare to have their first time together, he realizes it was Lan Wangji who had kiss him. Post- Time Skip Dafan Mountain Wei Wuxian tries to disgust Jiang Cheng to distract him from suspecting that Wei Wuxian's current body because he came back from the dead by being offered the summoner's body through a dark rite does not hold its original occupant by claiming to be attracted to Lan Wangji, hoping that he would also disgust Lan Wangji and both would leave him alone.

It naturally backfires.Really impressive. LQR: Wei Wuxian! Stand up and speak for yourself; how many times is this now? LQR: What is written? See you at the back mountain after class? Hmph, after class you are not going anywhere. WWX: Hmph! Do you have no sympathy? WWX: Get out! Lan Zhan, if you really want my calligraphy, just say it straight! Never seen someone as thick-skinned as you. Are you done writing ten copies of the lecture? JC: What trouble are you making again?

You still dare to throw paper balls? Huaisang-xiong, catch well! Go easy on me; please make sure not to read what I wrote! LQR: Now, I would like to see; have you so much to say that you had to write it down no matter what? Wangji, read it aloud.

Read it yourself, read to the end. Lan Zhan.Originally posted by jupiterjames. Honestly, it make Madam Yu much more pleasant to be around. Originally posted by tvonq. Bichen has literally never gotten over that one time.

Fully finished Bichen (from Untamed)

Wei Wuxian should have known not to push his luck. Clean him up this instant. Originally posted by adderallitude. Anonymous asked: Suiban deciding to tease lwj by seducing him. Suiban starts to ride lwj but Bichen storms in, dragging an equally flirty wwx with him. Bichen grabs Suiban and proceeds to fuck him senseless, right next to where lwj is reminding wwx who he belongs to.

Wwx and Suiban start making out for retribution but lwj and Bichen press their boys together and continue to turn their assholes inside out.

【忘羡】高酥混剪 前尘不染【魔道祖师】

Suiban and wwx eventually come and are very happy. Originally posted by jupiterjames The face of a well-trained wife. When she begs for it to end they all laugh and point out that its a waste of her beauty to not be used for the whore she is. Anonymous asked: lxc touching himself to a sleeping lwj and feeling immensely guilty after but his brother is his guilty pleasure.

Anonymous asked: wwx punishing lwj for something petty by inviting Bichen's sword spirit into the human world and Bichen fucking his master's husband while lwj watches stoically from the sidelines, helplessly turned on because Bichen is sort of an extension of himself but also not hh later lwj dismisses him and fucks wwx so good and doesn't let him come until wwx says sorry. Anonymous asked: wwx tied up, blindfolded or whatever but there's an emergency so lwj has to leave suddenly ,lxc comes in to find his brother for the same but he's astonished to see his brother in law, all debauched and whiny.

Anonymous asked: Reincarnation AU where Song Lan puts a spell on Xue Yang giving him mouse ears and tail because it's not like he looked like an evil little mouse anyway. And then he has no choice but to adopt him as a pet. And then Song Lan adopts a blind cat named Xiao Xingchen…. Anonymous asked: more angsty than anything but the subject matter is suited to this blog MXY was groomed by Lady Mo's husband.

When JGY was nice to him, listening to him when they spoke, and helping him find his place in Koi Tower, years of conditioning lead MXY to assume his brother wanted to touch him like his uncle did.

It was normal, right? But his brother was nicer than his uncle, and better looking JGY, sadly, didn't see the warning signs of abuse and freaked at the incest. Very affectionate.It is produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures and B. C May Pictures, and created by G. A chibi series is set to be released in In the end, he was backstabbed by his dearest Shidi meaning "junior fellow brother" and killed by the vicious ghosts he controlled when powerful clans attacked his stronghold to overpower him.

mdzs bichen extra

After 13 years, He incarnates into the body of a lunatic called Mo Xuanyu, who was abandoned by his clan and bullied by his family, therefore sacrificing his own body to the Mo Dao Zu Shi for the power to pay back. After the revenge for the owner of his body is done, Wei Wuxian with the appearance of Mo Xuanyu is unwillingly taken away by a famous cultivator among the clans—Lan Wangji, his former classmate. The time changes to 20 years in the past. Wei Wuxian is introduced as an innocent, talented young master.

This marks the start of a thrilling yet hilarious journey of attacking monsters, solving mysteries, and raising children. From the mutual flirtation along the way, Wei Wuxian slowly realizes that Lan Wangji, a seemingly haughty and indifferent poker-face, holds more feelings for Wei Wuxian than he is letting on.

But they will soon face tragedy and war. They will be forced to make choices with disastrous consequences, and Wei Wuxian starts experimenting with the forbidden, dangerous Demonic cultivation path. The current leader is Lan Xichen. The real-life counterpart to the sect's location is Gusu a region where Suzhounese is spoken in Jiangsu province.

The real-life counterpart to the sect's location is Lanling in Shandong province. Its current leader is Nie Huaisang. The real-life counterpart to the sect's location is Qinghe in Hebei province. The real-life counterpart to the sect's location is Qishan in Shaanxi province.

The current leader is Jiang Cheng. The real-life counterpart to the sect's location is Yunmeng in Hubei province. From there, they uncover the truth of Xiao Xingchen's death and found the missing right arm for the mission. The series received overwhelmingly positive reviews for its high production quality and storyline, and amassed a notable Internet fandom both in China and overseas.

The second season aired from October 5, to April 5, with a total of 16 episodes along with some extras. The third and final season aired from June 17 to December 29, with a total of 17 episodes along with some extras.

The audio drama proved to be a critical and financial success, praised for its storyline, high production value, and the voice actors' performances. It has amassed hundreds of million playbacks across all three seasons, with each episode placing on top of the weekly rankings during their original run. All three seasons still remain as the website's top 3 most listened to series in the overall ranking, months after they ended. The Chinese audio drama's massive popularity led to it being brought over to Japan for a localized adaptation, produced by Brave Hearts and in close collaboration with the original Chinese audio drama team.

The first season started airing on January 24, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Mo dao zu shi. For the school bus safety device, see MDZ Shield. Main article: The Untamed web series.

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