P3 solmate solar powered window thermometer in and out view c

Solar powered, displays temperature, minimum and maximum values, and even shows temperature trends. Enjoy a candlelight glow without the hazardous flames, smoke or wax of traditional candles. Solar powered thermometer allows you to read the temperature from a distance whether the sun is out or not. Make it easier and safer to unlock your door at night by illuminating your keyhole with the solar powered touch door light. Keep unwanted animals away with this solar powered device which uses sound and light to protect your property.

State-of-the-art technology repels moles, gophers, voles, shrews and other destructive burrowing rodents. Features a patent pending motor drive that generates powerful vibrations that, though harmless to pets and humans, are irritating to rodents. The environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to get rid of moles, voles, gophers, shrews, and other burrowing rodents.

This is a great solution to stop pests from destroying your lawns, gardens, or farms. Repel unwanted burrowing rodents with the strongest and least expensive power available - the Sun. Uses d minor blues scale technology to repel moles, gophers, voles, shrews and other destructive burrowing rodents.

Fool potential thieves with this ultra realistic dummy camera featuring solar powered LEDs which simulate night vision.Stay one step ahead of the weather with our wirelesss weather station. Monitor the climate in your house, wine cellar, humidor or anywhere else proper air conditions need to be maintained. Digital, self-emptying rain gauge with LCD readout which displays current and accumulated rainfall. Solar powered, displays temperature, minimum and maximum values, and even shows temperature trends.

Take the guesswork out of watering your lawn by attaching the meter to your sprinkler or use in greenhouses where exact watering is critical. Just plug it into any outlet and you'll have a neat charging station - free of ugly wires. Charge any phone, any tablet, any reader from any brand.

The charger that keeps your outlets free. Charge any phone, tablet or reader with or without case. Includes interchangeable tips and features rapid 2. Plugs into your existing outlet. Featuring a 6-foot detachable cord and two USB outlets, the Couchlet fits between or under cushions and mattresses so that you can barely even see it. Capable of delivering 48 watts of power, it lets you charge up to 4 tablets, smartphones or other devices.

Place the battery-operated Light Owl on the floor next to your bed or nightstand and when the built-in motion sensor detects movement, illuminates the area automatically for 20, 60 or 90 seconds.

Bring the future of cleaning into your home with the automated Robotic Vacuum. Its smart programming gets it in and out of the tightest places to clean all your floors. Make it easier and safer to unlock your door at night by illuminating your keyhole with the solar powered touch door light. Slim and lightweight USB rechargeable hand warmer for cold days and chilly offices. USB rechargeable pocket warmer with mobile device charging feature.

USB rechargeable hand warmer features flashlight and mobile device charging. Heavy duty USB rechargeable pocket warmer and mobile device charger. Enjoy 5 hours of soothing heat and mobile device charging with this slim, lightweight Smart Warmer. With its mAh battery capacity the 2 in 1 Mirror Power Bank can provide power to a smartphone as well as many other USB powered devices such as a tablet or speaker. Detects frequencies anywhere from 50 MHz to 3 GHz to pick up most wireless camera signals.

Protect your home from water damage by knowing the moment a leak or flooding occurs. The easy way to prevent small animals from becoming trapped in your pool. Easy to assemble and install.A company called Greenpath Technologies, Inc. They're not the only players in this new category see chart below, but let's focus on them for the purpose of discussion. One unit they offer is a completely off-grid solar-connected DC version.

The other, more flexible version they call a "solar hybrid air conditioner. It depends on the end user's lifestyle and expectations. The DC-only version, in my view, would have a fairly narrow appeal, as it's currently designed. Because it's not grid-tied, it will only run in daylight hours, when cloud cover permits, and it does require batteries, even for daylight-only operation. This type of unit might be suited to a detached home office or studio, but unless you want to invest significantly in battery storage, would not perform during the critical bedtime hours, when a lot of people like to keep their space cool.

The same company's solar hybrid system, however, does not require batteries. It taps into the grid only when the sun stops shining. Like the DC-only unit, it requires about watts of power for peak cooling, so PV arrays can be fairly modest, if you're only running one unit, which is caple of cooling about sq. Sizing the PV array to supply "just enough" electricity could be what pushes these units into the mainstream.

Someone who wants to dabble in solar can put up three panels and start saving on electricity right away. Even when the sun is not shining at all, this ultra high-efficiency air conditioner A SEER 21 rating without solar and SEER 35 with solar will keep you comfortable and save you money using far less electricity than a normal air conditioner of the same capacity. Net metering is under seige in several states. Maine, for example just rolled back net metering incentives.

Florida utilities have struggled to resist solar for years. Despite the fact that net metering has been shown to have a net positive impact on utility costs, politics often trumps common sense.

In this hostile environment, many would-be solar buyers might be interested in a bare bones system that does not require grid buyback to achieve a reasonable payback. If you read the description of the off-grid version of this product, the LEZETi DCVRFyou'll discover that the unit doesn't actually adjust to fluctuations in solar power output to operate. It still relies on batteries to stabilize the incoming PV power. I have queried the company about how big a battery bank is needed and will update here later.

This is disappointing. Adding batteries is a major cost factor: but perhaps an innovation that will be added in future iterations of direct-from-PV units. Most PV simply stop working when the power goes out, because an automatic safety feature prevents them from backfeeding into the grid.

This product does not have that drawback. The hybrid Solar-to-DC system, has a couple of advantages over conventional heat pump-PV pairings, such as the ones I wrote about last month.

First, it requires no batteries. The ability to wire the hybrid unit directly into a breaker panel saves a lot of labor. Also, the solar panels themselves plug in directly with standard MC 24 wire. No fuss, no muss.

p3 solmate solar powered window thermometer in and out view c

If you're on the DC only system, you might store some of it in the small battery bank, but it won't last long when the sun goes down. If you've installed a hybrid unit, you're not set up to backfeed to the grid. And few household appliances can handle unwashed DC current. At best, you might be clever enough to wire up a couple of RV or Boat-Ready appliances.

But those are going to require an even regulated power source translation: batteriesnot sporadic and variable power from panels. I'm sure there are engineers out there who could "work the problem," and figure out a way to peel off unused DC power and store it in a separate battery bank.Solar panel recharges automatic backlight. Automatic resets the high and low records in morning and in afternoon. This makes watching the temperature outside "fun" day or night. When placed where it get several hours of sunlight each day then the leds light up when it gets dark.

I recommend the ECO mode. It is not necessary to use the led battery when you aren't around to see it. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to high volume, we can't respond to individual comments. Your feedback helps us make Walmart shopping better for millions of customers.

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La Crosse Solar Window Outdoor Thermometer

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See our disclaimer. Specifications Brand La Crosse Technology. Customer Reviews. Average Rating: 3. See all reviews Write a review. Average Rating: 5. See more. Robert L, September 7, Verified purchaser.Also, the heat transfer from the furnace to the system is determined from an energy balance on the system to be. We will use the second approach since it is usually easier. This way, the entropy generation associated with the heat transfer is included. Alternative Approach The reversible work could also be determined by applying the basics only, without resorting to exergy balance.

This is done by replacing the irreversible portions of the process by reversible ones that create the same effect on the system.

La Crosse Solar Window Outdoor Thermometer

The useful work output of this idealized process between the actual end states is the reversible work. The only irreversibility the actual process involves is the heat transfer between the system and the furnace through a finite temperature difference. This irreversibility can be eliminated by operating a reversible heat engine between the furnace at K and the surroundings at K. When 2. The 2. Also, the exergy destroyed is the difference between the reversible work and the useful work, and is determined to be.

The exergy balance relations for control volumes differ from those for closed systems in that they involve one more mechanism of exergy transfer: mass flow across the boundaries. As mentioned earlier, mass possesses exergy as well as energy and entropy, and the amounts of these three extensive properties are.

Thermodynamics proportional to the amount of mass Fig. Again taking the positive direction of heat transfer to be to the system and the positive direction of work transfer to be from the system, the general exergy balance relations Eqs. The exergy balance relation above can be stated as the rate of exergy change within the control volume during a process is equal to the rate of net exergy transfer through the control volume boundary by heat, work, and mass flow minus the rate of exergy destruction within the boundaries of the control volume.

Most control volumes encountered in practice such as turbines, compressors, nozzles, diffusers, heat exchangers, pipes, and ducts operate steadily, and thus they experience no changes in their mass, energy, entropy, and exergy contents as well as their volumes. Then the rate form of the general exergy balance Eq.

FIGURE 8—43 The exergy transfer to a steady-flow system is equal to the exergy transfer from it plus the exergy destruction within the system. For a single-stream one-inlet, one-exit steady-flow device, the relation above further reduces to Single-stream:.Great for outside temperature on any window, or indoor temperature in the conservatory or greenhouse etc.

Reliable, battery free, high quality product. I've only had this 6 weeks but so far it has performed without fault. In the current bright weather it works fine. I'll have to wait and see how it copes in the winter, but I'm hopeful it will be fine. I do recommend this. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: new Sold by: sourcing4u. Nice neat little modern gadget for seemingly accurate outdoor temperature reading.

p3 solmate solar powered window thermometer in and out view c

Holding well to window so far! Large digits and great that it's solar powered, though can be quite difficult to read depending on lighting and background. Reading seems to go nuts, occasionally but can be easily reset. Had to shop around for one that was made to work outdoors.

Many others look like they do but small-print says indoors only. The pads dont stick, it fell off the window twice and broke the second time. Even using super glue didnt help. The display didnt seem to get enough energy to show the numbers properly so as the just appered in bits. Good idea that just don't work in practice.

On the good side, it was quite smart looking and would have been great if it worked, and stuck to the window!. One of two died after a couple of years. This is my third. Fine except that against a background of a hedge I need a defuser of laminated tissue stuck to its back to read it clearly. This thermometer is easy to read from inside the house. It is fastened to the kitchen window and provides me with instant large readout to help me to decide what outer clothing I should wear.

Although the sticky pads that attach it to the window ffailed I was sent some more straightaway. Skip to main content. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab. Watch this item.

p3 solmate solar powered window thermometer in and out view c

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Sell it yourself. Get the item you ordered or your money back. Learn more - eBay Money Back Guarantee - opens in new window or tab. Seller information sourcing4u Contact seller. Visit Shop.Discussion in ' 2nd Gen. Tacomas ' started by kiteman78Jun 20, Log in or Sign up. Tacoma World. Welcome to Tacoma World! You are currently viewing as a guest! To get full-access, you need to register for a FREE account.

What is a good transmission oil cooler? Poor radio reception fix Discussion in ' 2nd Gen. Post Reply. Hey guys, Just wanted to pass on my experience with radio reception in case it helps someone else out. I have an 05 that wouldn't get anything except the two strongest local stations.

The problem was the antenna base. It had corroded internally to the point that there was no antenna connection. Replaced the base and have stellar reception. I had to cut the old one off as it was corroded way beyond being able to get it apart with the little castle nut that is made of cheese. To troubleshoot this, if you pull the passenger side pillar trim by the windshield which is super easy, you'll find a connection in the antenna line.

Pull that apart and put a piece of wire in the deck side of the connection. If you all of the sudden have great reception, your problem is the antenna base. Hope this helps someone else as I couldn't find any other posts solving this problem. Cheers, Jesse. Yotabooner88 likes this. Don't have a problem, but thanks for sharing your fix.

It's always nice to have these unique problems and solutions documented. I would like to thank Kiteman78 for getting me out of this bind as my girlfriend's '06 Tacoma developed the same problem. This was so crazy I had to post to this website. Her antenna mast was fine but the base was corroded like you wouldn't believe! You won't see it until you start grinding it off. That's right Don't even think this is a 15 min job because it's not.

I'll try and keep it short.

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