Solar energy course

Our solar installation training courses are designed to guide you as you prepare for a job in solar energy — from the theory and science behind photovoltaics through the advanced skills needed to safely and effectively design, size and install a full solar PV array. In addition to traditional live classroom courses, we offer online classes that can be taken anytime.

Our distinct education delivery formats, flexible schedules and wide selection of courses make it easy for you to take what you want when you want it. Solar installers determine the design of the array and perform the installations.

Solar Training

The solar industry has nearly doubled in size every year for the past four years, and this trend is expected to continue.

Ecotech Training offers solar training designed to meet your specific needs. These courses are great for anyone with experience in construction, roofing or contracting. The solar industry continues to grow, so there are opportunities for credentialed professionals to succeed in the field of solar energy. The process to become a solar installer mostly depends on where an individual wants to install residential solar systems.

Becoming a solar energy professional sometimes requires a state license specific to solar. However, there are nationally-recognized certifications, such as those offered by NABCEP, that can help give you an edge wherever you are located. This course is ideal for those brand new to the solar industry who are interested in gaining an introductory background before entering an intensive course.

This program focuses on the advanced solar photovoltaic installation techniques perfect for individuals who have been working in the world map 2d vector and are looking to take their career to the next level. The Solar PV Mastery course is our most popular solar training package. Designed for those looking to enter the solar industry or transition from a related hands-on background, this intensive solar installation training will provide a strong foundational knowledge, as well as focus on the real-world design and on-the-job skills that will be used in the solar field.

solar energy course

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Become an Expert on Solar Energy in 75 minutes (Solar Power Course 2020 Overview)

How to Become a Solar Installer. Request More Information. Ecotech Training is a privately owned online training course provider. Solar Energy Training Courses. Solar PV Associate Training. Advanced Solar PV Training. Solar PV Mastery Training. Solar Sales Mastery Course.Solar jobs have risen rapidly in the past decade.

Training a prepared and skilled workforce that enables the solar industry to meet growing deployment demands is a high priority. The Solar Energy Technologies Office addresses the critical need for high-quality, local, accessible training in solar energy system design, installation, sales, and inspection, as well as power systems engineering and related professions like real estate and finance through a variety of training programs.

Additional opportunities for progress and promotion can be found within any given occupation on the map, and multi-sector pathways reinforce the idea of lifelong learning and the natural evolution of skills and interests. Skip to main content.

Solar Training. Funding programs in this area include: Education Materials for Professional Organizations Working on Efficiency and Renewable Energy Developments EMPOWERED : Providing up-to-date educational materials and training resources for first responders, safety officials, and building managers and owners who work with new energy technologies.The Solar Training Network addresses a critical need for high-quality, local, accessible training in solar installation and related skills.

The Network allows for greater connection between solar employers, trainers and training institutions, workforce investment boards, and trainees and job seekers, in order to meet ever-changing market demands, especially in regions where solar energy is rapidly expanding.

Visit the Solar Training Network website. The Solar Training Network will be guided by a Solar Jobs Strategy Commission consisting of solar industry representatives, workforce development subject matter experts, diversity group leaders, and other key industry stakeholders.

The Solar Jobs Strategy Commission will encourage greater collaboration and information exchange between solar employers, training institutions, workforce investment boards, and solar job candidates. By increasing active connections between each of these sectors, the solar industry will improve training programs, provide more hands-on learning opportunities, and cultivate an educated workforce with the specialized training needed to start a new career in solar.

In contrast, the Solar Training Network can be utilized by all interested job seekers, including current veterans and their spouses who are interested in solar energy. Departments of Labor and Education, which began in The program increased the number of qualified solar instructors at the community college level from just over 50 in to more than 1, today, providing access to more courses in solar energy across the country.

It also developed solar training for building and electrical inspectors and created a comprehensive system linking training and credentialing for the solar workforce across residential, commercial, and utility-scale photovoltaic installation activities. During its term, the program partnered with more than community colleges, labor training centers, and technical high schools. As a result of these efforts, more than 30, students throughout the United States have received some solar training from an SITN-supported educational partner.

The regional training providers within SITN collaborated to develop curricula, identified career pathways, shared labor market data, and resolved issues related to solar training and workforce development.

Providers offered multiple resources, including live train-the-trainer workshops and webinars, distance learning courses, and mobile laboratory training modules. They also provided training equipment and tools for instructors. This strong foundation provides the new Solar Training Network with the basis for more advanced training and more active coordination with solar employers.

Below are the regional training networks that remain active since the conclusion of DOE funding for the Solar Instructor Training Network. Skip to main content. Solar Training Network. Former Regional Training Centers. Media Inquiries.SARETEC expedites specialized industry-related and accredited training for the entire renewable energy RE industry including short courses and workshops. In terms of the global COVID pandemic, South Africa has been affected and currently experiencing a massive increase in the positive diagnoses of this illness.

SARETEC have empowered key critical staff with the necessary remote technology tools and they will work remotely and securely from their homes as we aim to continue supporting our clients and stakeholders as far as possible under these trying circumstances. It is recommended that you reach out to us via email should you wish to contact us.

We offer specialised industry-related and accredited training for the entire Renewable Energy RE industry in wind and solar. We offer a wide range of industry-recognised short courses and workshops within the renewable energy sector. Read More. Copy and paste this HTML code into your webpage to embed. View Price List. Latest News. All News. Upcoming Events. All Events. Our Partners. An Initiative of.

Training Partners of. Managed by. Certified as.Reducing our carbon footprint. Carbon sequestration through new saplings. This comes to an estimated million tons of avoided greenhouse gas emissions, and for that we are really proud.

The 40 trees we plant will take in carbon dioxide, release oxygen, and help surrounding soils take in more carbon too. This will take about 1 ton of carbon out of the atmosphere each year! Learn more here about how trees help make the world go round by clicking the link below.

solar energy course

Keeping trees alive to reduce CO2. SEI took a closer look at what we were printing in our textbooks, and with what methods—and, we realized, painlessly, we can cull out pages of printing. Why does it matter? This will save at least 1.

SEI is considering ways to offset travel related carbon emissions. SEI sees about 1, people a year in our live-trainings, and this stacks up incredible diversity in our alumni, and a lot of travel related carbon emissions! More on this coming from our Carbon Reduction Committee soon….

Utilize new software to easily and quickly ride share. We want to let you know about this new resource-saving opportunity that makes it easier for those attending SEI to share rides, whether from the Front Range, or from more local airports. We use GroupCarpool. You can use the same feature to generate more ride sharing among yourself, your co-workers, and friends, anytime! Using our voice to influence others to reduce their carbon too. SEI Certificate Program. Where We Work. Follow Us.Welcome to the Complete Solar Energy course, the only course out there with everything you need to know on Solar Photovoltaic Energy.

I've seen plenty of other options for Solar Energy training, but this course is without a doubt the most comprehensive and effective in the marketplace, let me tell you why: This is the only course taught by an Environmental Engineer All the students I worked with, go on to get a Full-time job in the Solar Industry.

Consider it as a never-ending source of information. I've been were you are right now and this course includes everything I wish I had when I first started in this industry.

I understand how difficult it is to hit the ideal course for your needs, this course is designed for complete Beginners, yet covering some of the most exciting and relevant topics in the industry! Solar is my passion, and I commit to make you feel like a real Solar Professional! Anyone wanting to learn the ins and outs of Solar Photovoltaic energy Screenshots. Engineering Apps. Applied Flow Technology Arrow 8. All rights reserved.Only show results in Russia?

solar energy course

In the Solar Oven Challenge, students are invited to use our detailed construction plans to build working models of a solar oven. It is designed to teach students about solar heat, solar electricity and other clean energy technologies, but can be modified to incorporate culinary arts, food safety and culture.

You may use the solar oven This online training demonstrates how a high amount of variable renewable energy wind and solar can be safely integrated into the electricity supply.

It shows which steps are essential for the power system We believe that it is extremely important for both our global installation partners and the operators themselves to have well-founded specialist knowledge.

Our range of services therefore includes intensive training courses. Gain comprehensive and For quality purposes, and to ensure the proper implementation of the solar integration systems, Mecosun offers training sessions on the installation of all our products.

Online Courses

These sessions are mainly aimed at installers, Mecosun customers or any individual wanting to train in the installation of an innovative product. This training will cover the The training is designed to empower the participants to work in the Solar Energy Sector. This training is necessary to take the right decisions and be able to plan, buy, install and operate infinite, clean and independent solar energy systems.

Understanding the range of advanced energy options to meet future energy needs is critical as government policy, business strategy and consumer decisions drive the adoption of new, sustainable energy systems. Learn the environmental, social and economic impact of energy-related decisions and the options available for positive change.

This course The trainings can range from a 30 minute workshop to a 2 day class with continuing education credits. This five-day photovoltaic technology intensive institute is designed for instructors looking to gain experience with utility interactive and battery-based solar electric systems.

This two day course helps participants understand who has the authority to make decisions regarding jurisdiction, applied voltage and amperage versus supply equipment charging capacities, and understand electric vehicle supply equipment EVSEbattery capacity, and charge time.

The introduction of electric drive vehicles requires a unique Our current decade showed an extraordinary downward price development for photovoltaic PV technology.

Use this RENAC course to get yourself up to date about this most promising energy technology on our planet. In this one-day training workshop participants will gain a basic understanding of how to install small-scale off-grid solar photovoltaic PV systems. The workshop includes a mix of theory and practical hands-on exercises. It culminates with the wiring of components used in a basic battery-based solar PV system that could be used in off-grid Starting with the fundamentals, students gain a solid understanding of various components, system architectures, and applications for PV systems.

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