Tcs xperience program

If you are getting accommodation then you are not pre mapped. Else you are. This will be mentioned in joining j Letter. Is there a tech lounge course for for candidates selected under ecm enterprise content management stream? I completed my aspire 20 days before.

tcs xperience program

And is it mandatory for every selected student to get tech lounge after aspire. Is there any way for premapped people to change their base location after completing ILP? Java training institute in Ahmedabad. Could you write anything about it? Thank you. I don't think I can do that Raja, whatever I wrote here is literally based on my experience that I had. If anything new comes up, I don't think I can provide a right information about it unless I've experienced it.

AIESEC & Tata Consultancy Services - Experience Diversity with the ACE Program

Is there any possibility of asking for the change in location allocated for ILP?? Reply asap pls. Hi, Skyrim fire arrows id this is not possible at all unless you have a very strong reason for it.

Due to severe medical condition of my mom, I had to resign after 2 months of traning. Can I rejoin TCS again through any other recruitment drive? I can also show the medical documents of my mom if required. Prashant, is there any chance for my rejoining if I somehow manage to convince my ILP manager by stating my medical condition.

Jai bro, tell me one thing, you resigned from TCS right? For that you also had to pay the money because of service agreement, isn't it? First tell me your case clearly, you resigned properly or you just left because of medical emergency of your family?

And why you are so keen to join TCS only, there are so many companies you can join man. I just left TCS at that very moment due to medical emergency and as far as my bond amount is concerned, I haven't paid it yet due to financial crisis in my family.

That is the only reason why I'm thinking of joining TCS only.Get more from your technology experience! SilverLake Xperience utilizes the Microsoft. NET framework to introduce a way for you to customize and standardize the way you see and interact with the SilverLake System and its fully integrated complementary products and services. SilverLake Xperience replaces green screen and disparate browser-based front ends with a more personalized and standardized view of your technology platform.

This framework allows bankers to run multiple complementary products or multiple sessions of the same product simultaneously, providing a common appearance and consistent usability across the entire SilverLake-based platform.

Using single sign-on functionality, the SilverLake Xperience interface enables users to launch multiple Xperience-enabled products without signing in to each product individually.

tcs xperience program

SilverLake Xperience provides convenient links to other areas of the system and never reaches a "dead end. Navigation is intuitive, so training is easy. SilverLake Xperience offers users the ability to customize settings such as filtering of views, use of aliases, scaling of the work screen, variations of the screen views, and bank-defined banner messages.

NET platform that offers open connectivity between SilverLake and complementary solutions - this solution can support account and customer inquiry and maintenance capabilities based on the most-used SilverLake functions. This dynamic solution is also designed to support new products and ongoing enhancements to existing products, so users can be certain they are up-to-speed. An application packaged within the SilverLake Xperience framework continually updates the software, helping to ensure that the user always has the most current version available.

SilverLake Xperience includes a persistent storage feature which enables users to access a centralized registry to determine Jack Henry Banking software system settings, site-level settings, and user-level preferences. This centralized registry greatly reduces dependence on registering information on local desktop computers. It enables roaming profiles, which allows user settings to be retrieved from any computer and results in a consistent look and feel during each session.

And it stores user preference information and retains it for subsequent log-ins. The Xperience framework allows bankers to run multiple complementary products or multiple sessions of the same product simultaneously. This solution streamlines workflow and creates a simple, seamless experience for the SilverLake System end user. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode.

Skip Ribbon Commands. Skip to main content. Click here to learn more about starting a bank. Core Solutions.

SilverLake® Xperience™

Thank you for your interest! A Jack Henry Banking representative will be contacting you soon. Text Filter. Page Content. Simple navigation Superb customization What It Does Utilizes the Microsoft. NET framework to replace green screen and disparate browser-based front ends. Provides a common appearance and consistent usability across the entire SilverLake-based technology platform. Utilizes single sign-on functionality. Provides convenient links to other areas of the system and never reaches a "dead end.

Reduces dependence on registering information on local desktop computers. Enables roaming profiles, which allows user settings to be retrieved from any computer. Stores user preference information and retains it for subsequent log-ins.The campus hired students are supposed to learn from TCS xplore program which starts in December and assessments are held regularly.

The final assessment is held on April and the percentage scored will decide the joining date and monetary benefits. After this a project will be assigned. Failing to do so he will under go LAP program of one week and assessment will be held again. Tech Skills and Biz skills are taught in the four weeks and they are the same syllabus as in Xplore.

Edit 1: The same process was not followed for all the people who were hired. Some students were tested every week and the release date was given in the first week itself for those who have qualified. For those who did not, the same process is repeated in the next week. Edit 2: The service agreement is for One year breaking which one should pay an amount of rupees. The salary offered is 3. Sign In. What is TCS Xperience?

Update Cancel. Updated Sep 25, View more. Is TCS a bad employer? What kind of job are we expected to do in TCS? Is a career with TCS safe?

How was your joining day at TCS? Is it safe anymore to join TCS? What would be my salary in TCS after 2 years? Where will I find myself after 2 years of joining TCS?

What are TCS values? Is there any backdoor option in TCS? What is tcs aspire? How can I apply for a job directly to the TCS? What is the exact work in TCS?Do you burn 1 calorie every 2 seconds? Q does! A variety of session formats guarantees total body training with a balanced mix of cardio and resistance components.

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tcs xperience program

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Chennai Karapakkam 3. Hyderabad 4. Kolkata 5. Trivandrum — Thiruvananthpuram. Trivandrum it training center is biggest among all and TCS is planning to open training center in similar city which will have capacity to train 50, It professionals every year.

Above mentioned locations are offshore delivery centers ODC. After ilp, you will be deployed to real time projects. The time period of this training is 90 days i. In these 3 months, you have to learn online modules, give assessments, attend many seminars and complete project in team. Along with all these learning, you will also make new friends for lifetime and enjoy new city and state if your ilp will not be scheduled in your home state. Foremost, keep all your documents ready as mentioned in tcs joining letter.

Revise the Aspire chapters once. Make sure you have all the documents and passport-sized photographs with you. So, on safer side check all your documents thrice!

I got my ILP centre as Hyderabad and its very awesome city to live if you are comfortable with south Indian food! If your batch is not premapped, then TCS will provide accommodation nearby office only. Here, premapped means your base location is same as your ILP location.

The accommodation provided by tcs is well furnished flat. The amenities included in the flat are tv, wooden cupboards, study table, sofa set, mirrors and purified water.

To cleanup your rooms, maid will come on alternate days. Near tcs ilp Hyderabad accommodation, many places are there where north Indian food is available.

The ilp centre is in Q-city which is at walking distance from the accommodation. It hardly takes minutes to reach the centre. Even if you are premapped, then nearby in kms there are many PGs available which charges Rs. IRA-1 : It is exam based on Aspire modules and very easy to clear if you have read aspire once.

In differential learning, you will be shifted to previous batch and your training period will be days less than your current batch. Tcs ilp is a based on virtual learning system i.

Whole ilp material is provided on an online portal ion. The whole training is divided into 2 parts: Technical and business skills. The business skills sessions are same for all the batches. The technical sessions are taken as per the streams. Based on your stream, you have to first learn the concepts.

You will be given certain time period to learn the concepts and after that you have to give one MCQ based test and one coding based test. All these are called diagnostics. You will often hear this word in ilp. There are three phases: Passed, Remedial and Lap.To help Australians avoid difficulties overseas, we maintain travel advisories for more than destinations. The Australian Passport Office and its agents are committed to providing a secure, efficient and responsive passport service for Australia.

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New Colombo Plan. Read more. New Colombo Plan alumnus inspired by Tokyo and Bangkok placements.Click here to update your Application form and check status of your candidature for employment with TCS.

How will it help you during the TCS selection process? Read More. Hey there, While we are a part of this lockdown, we definitely have gone through many changes in life. Hey there, A very warm welcome to all of you!

It is that time when we eagerly look forward to each year; and something even you eagerly wait for, with hope and excitement. Stay Tuned The objective of the channel is to enable students to learn, share, deliberate and gain insight into Es lo que llamamos Business 4. Como evangelista digita And finally, the results are out! TCS received Your privacy is important to us. We believe it is important for you to know how we treat the information we receive from you, on the Internet.

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