Thinkscript cci

thinkscript cci

Thursday, May 14, Smooth CCi indicator. This one should smooth out the CCI for ya lad. Red and Green indicators on as it crosses major horizontal lines. Bloody well make some quid with this one.

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The Best Times to Use the MACD Indicator

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter horserider Start date Aug 8, Updated Trend Magic indicator to include 3 user selected time frames. RED else Color. Last edited: Oct 9, Shinthus Member Donor. Reminds me of a certain strategy BenTen Administrative Staff. Amazing work! Shinthus What one? Hope it helps your trading. On SPY it is plotting a green line at 0, which makes the chart very compressed. Tried with and without pre-market data. Wouldn't plot with other aggregation values and chart time frames.

Sorry without more information I cannot help.The main principle of this system is that the price moves in the direction of CCI. If CCI crosses this level and does not go back for at least six bars, it might indicate trend existence; CCI crossing above zero line signifies the uptrend, if it crosses below, downtrend.


Red areas of the indicator signify that the price is below LSMA; green areas, above. When trend is developing, CCIHist applies the colors to columns using the following algorithm: four bars after zero crossover are gray early developmentfifth is yellow warning that trend might emergeand starting from the sixth, columns are red or green, based on trend direction.

It uses calculation period shorter than CCI itself, thus it is used for pattern detection and exit points, not trend analysis. Additional trend indicators complement the system: Sidewinder and Chop Zone. Sidewinder takes into account relationship between EMA and LSMA of price; when it turns green, price is trending chart label state "Trending"yellow means that trend is developing chart label state "Normal"and red indicates that trend is absent chart label state "Flat".

It visualizes difference between Close price and its EMA by converting its values to colors:. Not a recommendation of a specific security or investment strategy. Absolute value of the difference is less than or equal to ticksize value TS. Light Green. Dark Green. Light Orange. Dark Orange. Light Red. Dark Red. CZ The level complemented with Chop Zone indicator. SW The level complemented with Sidewinder indicator.

WilliamsPercentR WoodiesPivots. The least value for which Sidewinder indicates developing trend label "Normal".What's new New posts New profile posts. Get VIP. Log in Register. Search titles only. Log in. Install the app. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter BenTen Start date Oct 14, BenTen Administrative Staff.

I have used this indicator to find many lucrative opportunities. This indicator takes the moving average of CCI in custom, volatility-specific conditions.

CCI measures "overbought" in the red-shaded region and "Oversold" in the green-shaded region. AssignValueColor color. May have slightly different math but result is the same. Another silly mistake. Thanks for the notice. Ya' but Ben's is purtier! Allenew79 New member. Allenew79 You can do that via the Scan tab. You must log in or register to reply here. Questions 0 May 7, Similar threads N. Started by fuglaa May 7, Replies: 0.

Sep 23, Sep 19, Sep 8, Combining Pullback and CCI scan. May 29, May 7, Fun with ThinkScript Posted by robert. Reply Quote. BAR, sound. NaN; up. SetPaintingStrategy paintingStrategy. CYAN ; xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx p.

CCI Money Squeeze Indicator for ThinkorSwim

Linter, Here is the full script including ADXR, but your chosen parameters give too many signals and lot of false signals. NaN; BS. AssignValueColor Color. NaN; SS. RED ; SS. ONCE, sound. Tanman, First of all, I am returning to the "Fun with Thinkscript" thread after a somewhat protracted hiatus and I am very happy to see it thriving.

When the OP, Robert, informed the community that he would be leaving for an indeterminate hiatus himself, it seemed, at the time, that the thread might be coming to an end.

thinkscript cci

It is very good to know that is not the case As I have spent some time reading and catching up, I have come to realize the community has changed and definitely for the better. Whereas, in the past, it seemed that there were numerous participants coming and going, there were only a relatively small group of generous contributors providing potential answers to many requests.

I must admit I was amongst the larger group of solution seekers, as I did not feel entirely confident in my scripting abilities at the time In any event, this post is not about the past, it is about the future. While I certainly hope to see Robert return somewhere along the way, I hope to rejoin this community and maybe even offer an appropriate contribution, if the opportunity to do so arises As I continue to read, I have come to realize and greatly appreciate the considerable quality of the information being provided by you and others.

In my opinion, this is what makes this particular place special. I know there are other potential destinations out there, ThinkScripter comes to mind, but this thread not only survives, it thrives without the pressure of commercial underpinnings OK, since I have the tendency to get long-winded, I will get to the point. As a result of my reading, I came across your post regarding the potential perils of trying to properly read Volume and the very interesting solution you provided in response to the issue.

I have been a student and apprentice in the Markets for over ten years now. There are certain fundamental concepts I have come to understand. One is the critical importance of Price and Volume, the original leading "indicators". While I have not yet gotten around to Tape Reading, I have focused a fairly significant amount of my time and energy on Price and Volume.

I will admit I went through the "Holy Grail" phase and still experiment with the many derivative indicators out there, but all roads seem to lead back to Price and Volume With that said, I am intrigued by your invention, the Net Volume Indicator. I have been working with it and have a couple of questions I'm hoping you might have a chance to answer. Consider the sample image below: Given the four examples in the image above: 1.

Without knowing Price was in the middle of a downtrend, with a large body, small wicks, closing near the low, above average Volume and Net Volume significantly above average, I believe the probabilities say the downtrend will continue.


With the continuation of the downtrend, Price forms a Hammer candle, with substantially above average Volume and surprisingly average Net Volume.What's new New posts New profile posts. Get VIP.

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Tutorials Threads 30 Messages Threads 30 Messages Sep 26, markos. Threads 67 Messages 3. I thought it note worthy to show a few indicators I use every day. These indicators created by members on-site. Questions Have a question about thinkScript code, ThinkorSwim, or trading in general?

Ask away. Threads 2. Playground Post your charts of potential plays, chit chat, etc. Threads 89 Messages 1. Friday at AM BenTen. Sub-forums Sub-forums Support.

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thinkscript cci

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