Tomos a3 manual

No more than letters as this will cost more thankyou any questions please ask. Part for sale : hi and welcome to my auction for my tomos moped. Tomos a3 a35 a Tomos moped mph speedometer and binnacle.

For tomos a3. This is what i take to be a shear pin from a tomos 4 outboard, but be your own judge on this. Please be aware that all our products are hand crafted and so may have small unique character realtek bluetooth radio drivers qualities.

For sale is a tomos a3 and have been used a few times and come with a replacement box.

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Offering up for sale my tomos a3m moped. Moped ignition coil tomos a3 a-3 silver golden. Should this be any longer i will try my best to keep you informed not always possible to get to my laptop. A-3 memoria educativa venezolana tomo iii Hi and welcome to my auction for my tomos moped. Very good condition with here is a tomos moped with g registration plate. Minarelli morini garelli cev tomos a3. Has a smaller tomos front wheel. Anything less than a star rating on all categories might as well be a negative feedback score.

Tomos 3l in the colour silver. Nos genuine tomos ignition coil 6 volt to fit a3-m etc. Tomos A3 Euro 2 Chrome Ignition coil fits gold bullet tx50 revival tomos. Please ask if you have any questions - email is checked daily so we will soon reply to your query. Used haynes workshop manual for tomos mopeds. Tomos moped a3 engine pedal shaft nos.

Pair of wheels for a tomos moped. First class postage is nodejs api gateway available if you need headband urgently.

Tomos a3 engine moped ignition points condenser. Navy blue hoodie with the name tomos on the back. We will alert you by email as soon as there is a new ad available on our partner sites: eBay, Amazon, Prelovedā€¦. Refine your search voeut shoes. Sort by most relevant Sort by highest price first Sort by lowest price first Sort by newest results first Sort by oldest results first. All Used New.

More pictures. Details: seat, tomos, moped, removed, silver, bullit, miles, showing, signs, wear.After the WW2, the government of Slovenia was tasked with developing the industrial center of the country, in the Koper district, where the plant is still located. At the opening of the plant, the president of Yugoslavia was present, but it happened only inwhen the old factory in cooperation with the Austrian concern Steyr-Daimler-Puch had already produced motorcycles and mopeds with a Puch engine.

In the early eighties the plant was modernized and a new model BT 50with cast disks and direction indicators, appeared on the conveyor. The plant began to work in the direction of reducing engine noise and improving the appearance of products. In the s, there were many events, Yugoslavia was no more, in the plant was purchased by a private corporation Hidria.

In spite of this, the plant has mastered the production of four new models of mopeds and a new A35 engine.

In the year The plant opened its representative office in the USA, but also did not cease to cooperate with Europe, for example, manufacturing components for BMW. Adobe Acrobat Document 1.

Adobe Acrobat Document 2. Adobe Acrobat Document 3. History of Tomos Motorcycles. This website uses cookies.My Account About Us Contact. All Rights Reserved. Manuals and Technical Information. Parts Request Form. Wiring Diagrams. Tips On Buying A Moped. Moped Fun. Shipping A Moped. Parts By Moped Benelli. Columbia Sachs Engine. JC Penney Pintos and Swingers.

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Vintage Moped Manuals Wanted! We looking for either quality PDF copies or original owner's manual booklets, literature, service and repair manuals and any other useful information that we can upload into our Manuals and Technical section and share with our readers and visitors. It has always been our policy that copies of these types of materials be shared and never sold. We would like to continue to build up a reliable and useful library of these types of materials and could use anything that you have and others may need.

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Owners Manual - Bermuda Moped. Bermuda Owners Manual.Printed manuals are listed in alphabetical order. Some are new original reproductions. Some are new but modified, enhanced, combined and edited. Most original manuals are used, but complete.

They are all checked for the correct pages, and any missing or damaged pages are copied from another manual and added in. Most manuals are black and white print, except for the cover. Some are black and white copies. Most of the copied manuals are in a slide-type binder with a clear cover. Clicking on that is like entering the library or museum. The manuals are listed A to Z, with details. Most are free downloads that take a couple of minutes. Pick and choose what you want to read about.

Hopefully it is just temporary. The pages can be individually copied or viewed. The M48 looks identical to the version, except the head fins are totally round and the ignition spark coil is internal. All pages checked for any missing. The same notebook cover is used for many different versions just by putting in different sheets.

This is a technical masterpiece, the best and most complete. From the Netherlands, where mopeds rule. Manuals September 5, Welcome. Links to online manuals are also listed here. Actual Peugeot Manuals for Sale. Peugeot Parts Manuals. Myrons Vespa Service Manual. You are currently browsing the archives for the Manuals category.Page of 31 Go.

Page 14 Page 15 - Dismantling, Checking, and Assembling of Quick Links. Download this manual. Tomos A3 Workshop Manual. The following is a modified and English-only version of the A3 manual found at www. Please note that this version is NOT guaranteed to be a perfect reproduction of the original; if you have. Technical Data Nuts, Bolts, and Torque Specs Special Tools Engine Removal Engine Disassembly Checking Engine Parts and Assemblies Checking, Dismantling, and Assembling of the Clutch Dismantling, Checking, and Assembling of the Countershaft Checking Pedal Shaft and Transmission Chain Carburetor Checking Encarwi Image Dellorto Image Reassembling the Engine Adjusting the Contact Gap and Ignition Advance Oil Pump Magneto Settings and Electrical Equipment European without turn signals European with turn signals Table of Contents.

Page 5: Engine Removal ENGINE REMOVAL Unscrew the footrest screw with 17mm wrench Drain the oil from the gearbox fig 1 fig 2 With 11mm wrench, unscrew the nut and drive For pedal versions, refer to figures 3a and 4a out lever pin fig 3 Remove the hub, cups and springs fig 4 Unscrew the three screws of LH and RH shield each and detach shields from frame fig 5 Page 6 Unscrew three screws of magneto cover and Remove the chain by removing master link fig 7 detach cover fig 6 For oil pump injection refer to chapter OIL PUMP Unscrew the crown nut and extract control cable Unscrew bottom screw on control cable cover and along with throttle piston fig 8 release the spark plug cable fig 9 Detach all electrical leads fig 10 Page 7 Unscrew all three engine screws with two 13mm Hold the engine by hand.

tomos a3 manual

Remove the carburetor and spark plug fig 15 The pedal shaft and the countershaft are Detach clutch drum and sintered bush fig 18 connected by a starter chain, so both shafts will have to be taken out together fig 19 Rotate the engine placed on the stand so that the Remove the standard washers on the crankshaft Page 9 The flywheel is removed with the flywheel puller, Make a scriber mark across the bottom of the a 19mm, and a 32mm wrench fig 22 stator plate and the crankcase in order to facilitate the re-timing.

Remove the 3 screws and lift the stator assembly from the engine fig 23 Slacken the chain sprocket nut. Page 10 If the brass bushing in connecting rod needs to be Upon installing the new bushing, drill two replaced, use the connecting rod bush pulling key, lubrication holes according to the holes in the and replace with a new one using same tool connecting rod.

tomos a3 manual

Check all bearings. If clearance is noticed, the bearings must be replaced. Check the crankshaft between the center of a horizontal alignment tool and measure out-of-round on all the points indicated in figure The spring is removed speed clutches fig 37 with a screwdriver fig 38 In this manner, brake strips are released, and all Press pins out of shoes and check brake strips, three shoes can be removed fig 39 spring inside of shoes and Page 14 Dismantling of the needle clutch is necessary only in case of replacement.

Page 16 Reassemble the countershaft in reverse order of Put the chain sprocket in with cage so that the dismantling. Lock the Use of grease is not suggested because it may wire spring to riveted nose on the 1 speed gear impede the function of the self-locking clutch.

During assembly, take care that the thinner part of the collar is mounted forward or else the brake spring will slide across the chain sprocket. Clean the parts with carb cleaner and blow them out with compressed air.Speed is 30mph. Horsepower is 2hp. Transmission is two-speed fully automatic. Pedaling speed is 5 to 10 mph. Pedals kick backward for starting engine. Pedal forward to put pedals in kick position. Gasoline is 91 octane premium unleaded.

Only Sprint model is pre-mixed with oil or 2.

Tomos A3M Workshop Manual

All other models have oil injection and use straight gasoline. Gas tank size: LX 1. Arrow, Revival, Streetmate.

On the LX and ST locking gas lid, only the key turns, counterclockwise to open. It pulls straight out. After all gas lids are quarter-turn type. Gas valve is a manual fuel tap or shut off.

It is located above the engine on the left side of the bike. It has three positions, off horizontalon downup reserve. Use on during normal operation. Use off when not operating. Reserve lasts 4 to 10 miles. Gas level is checked by opening the gas lid, looking, shaking, and listening. There is no gas gauge.Due to high demand, the delivery of your order and response from our customer service may take a little longer than you are used to from us.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Netherlands was in introduced with Tomos, and in a Tomos factory opened in Epe where they made popular 4L, a moped with a foot gear of four gears which was in production until This was a first for this Tomos was the first brand to bring an approved foot geared moped on the Dutch market.

The Dutch development team was responsible for models like the Colibri, Targa and Revival. The '60s were the most productive period for Tomos, where they developed the Netherlands as a major foreign market.

tomos a3 manual

Its not very strange, because The Netherlands is a real moped country: there were in the 'sixties' no less than 36 motorcycle manufacturers active and more than a third of all households had a Moped in the shed or garage! From the early 70s many moped riders chose for the convenience of the A1, an automatic geared Tomos that was later followed by the A3.

The automatic was so popular that almost every Tomos moped in the Netherlands is a automatic geared moped, and it's renowned A35 engine which in turn was a further development of the A3. Meanwhile, the A3 and A35 have become real classics and there are thousands of fans who cherish these Oldtimers, just like other Tomos models like the Streetmate, Youngst'R, Flexer and Quadro.


Especially for them, and for fans of other classic Mopeds JMPB parts has become one of the biggest parts webshops of the Netherlands.

Here you can buy original and premium aftermarket Tomos parts, both motor parts, mechanical parts and frame parts. We automatically determined your location and language. You can change this below. Close this message. This website uses Cookies. By visiting us you agree with the placing of these cookies.

Read more here. Toggle navigation. My account Login Checkout. Always fast shipping. Thousands of satisfied customers. Returns within 60 days. A1, A3 and A35 The '60s were the most productive period for Tomos, where they developed the Netherlands as a major foreign market. Original and aftermarket Tomos Parts Meanwhile, the A3 and A35 have become real classics and there are thousands of fans who cherish these Oldtimers, just like other Tomos models like the Streetmate, Youngst'R, Flexer and Quadro.

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