Ukraine parcel service

Partnership — special conditions for wholesale customers. For more details write on our e-mail address info dniprollc. If you want to be the partner of company Dnipro and earn additional income,our partnership program, which engage the expansion of branch network, is perfectly for you! If you send commercial goods from the USA, we can offer you pleasant conditions and individual prices for delivery. If you have questions about partnership write on our e-mail: info dniprollc. If you have other questions, fill the feedback form and our managers will contact with you.

All parcels from the USA we deliver within the shortest possible period of time directly to the destination and also to the storages of our partners and delivery points.

Before delivery we recommend to read the list of prohibited goods and customs rules in different countries. You can do it HERE. If you want, you can take additional insurance. We offer one of the lowest prices for delivery from the USA and additional storage services, some of them are fully free. We offer one of the lowest prices for delivery from the USA due to long and productive partnership with best seaworthy and airline companies, and the lowest prices for additional storage services saving, consolidation, removal of invoices and excessive packaging, checking and photographing contents of the parcel, etc.

You can track your parcel with help of personal tracking number, which are different for every order.

ukraine parcel service

You can choose one of the proposed options:. Registration Login. We provide: Goods delivery from Internet stores. Delivery of personal parcels. Goods delivery from American Internet stores.

Delivery of personal parcels from the USA. Cost of delivery We offer one of the lowest prices for delivery from the USA and additional storage services, some of them are fully free. Why our company? Experience More than 25 years on the shipping market. Accessibility We offer one of the lowest prices for delivery from the USA due to long and productive partnership with best seaworthy and airline companies, and the lowest prices for additional storage services saving, consolidation, removal of invoices and excessive packaging, checking and photographing contents of the parcel, etc.

What is the process of delivery from the USA? Order delivery from American Internet stores 1. Register on site dniprollc. Register on the site of Internet store, in which you want to buy something for example eBay, Amazon, etc. Example of writting your address, look here. After sending the parcel, store will give you tracking code tracking number of product, which you must write in your personal account on dniprollc.

In your account write information about order.Need to customize this delivery? We recognize the trust you place in us when we deliver to your doorstep, shipping dock or place of business. See the latest updates and answers to frequently asked questions. To continue providing our customers with the best possible service during this time, we are implementing a temporary surcharge on all FedEx Express and TNT international parcel and freight shipments, from April 14th until further notice.

Global efforts to stop the spread of COVID have changed the world—and the way you do business—overnight. FedEx offers a wide range of services to meet your shipping needs to and from over countries and territories worldwide. Learn about all the tools FedEx has to offer for shipping across borders. Prepare international documents, estimate duties and taxes, harmonised codes and much more. Tracking ID. Personalize Your Deliveries.

Enter up to 30 FedEx tracking numbers. Safety above all.

Drone Mail Service: Ukrainian post testing new delivery technology

Temporary Surcharge To continue providing our customers with the best possible service during this time, we are implementing a temporary surcharge on all FedEx Express and TNT international parcel and freight shipments, from April 14th until further notice. When you and your customers need it most. Shipping services. Stay connected with all the latest service impact information related to coronavirus.

Customs made easier. Latest News. Regulatory and Services Updates. Fraudulent use of the FedEx name.Department of Commerce administer sanctions that restrict the mailing of items to certain destinations and recipients, including a broad embargo on items to and from the Crimea region of Ukraine Crimea. Many shipments to Crimea also require the filing of information with the U. Census Bureau. Before mailing any items to Crimea, mailers should refer to IMM, and and to PublicationSpecial Requirements for Shipping Internationallyfor additional information.

Prohibitions Passports and personal identity cards are prohibited entry in all classes of mail, including Priority Mail Express International shipments. Prescription narcotics and psychotropic drugs which have potentially addictive or hallucinogenic effects. Software and technical devices that have been specially developed, manufactured, programmed, or adjusted to intercept secret information and that are addressed to persons or entities other than the Ukrainian government.

Global Express Guaranteed Price Group 4. General Conditions for Mailing. See PublicationGlobal Express Guaranteed Service Guide, for information about areas served in the destination country, allowable contents, packaging and labeling requirements, tracking and tracing, service standards, and other conditions for mailing.

Size Limits The shipping label is approximately 5. Value Limit Insurance See NoticePrice Listfor the fee schedule for GXG document reconstruction insurance and non—document insurance. Flat Rate Envelopes: The maximum weight is 4 pounds. Available for Priority Mail Express International merchandise shipments only. See Exhibit Customs Forms Required Note: For mailers completing PS Form B or an online combined shipping label and customs form that electronically transmits customs-related data, no additional customs form is required because customs information is incorporated into the form that the mailer must complete.

Country Code: UA. Areas Served:. Priority Mail Express International is available only to the following locations:.


Priority Mail International Price Group 4. Flat Rate Boxes — Medium and Large: The maximum weight is 20 pounds, or the limit set by the individual country, whichever is less. Available for Priority Mail International merchandise only see Refer to NoticePrice Listfor the applicable retail price.

Weight Limit: 3. Letters: See Postcards: See Large Envelopes Flats : See Customs Form Required PS Form as required see Packages Small Packets : See Airmail M-bags —. Weight Limit: 66 lbs. Free Matter for the Blind Weight limit: 4 pounds. Free when sent as Priority Mail International items.The weight and dimensions of your parcel seem unusual. Are you sure these are correct? Please note that the dimensions should be entered in centimetres and the weight in kilograms.

Parcel delivery

Ukraine is the largest country wholly in Europe and has an estimated population of almost 50 million people. Given that the country represents a large, developed consumer market, there is considerable demand for parcel delivery services to Ukraine and, with our simple online booking process and heavily discounted parcel delivery services, sending a parcel to the Eastern European nation is easier and cheaper than ever with Transglobal Express.

We ship so many parcels with our delivery partners each year that we can negotiate the best possible rates. We pass these discounted rates onto you - so can enjoy huge savings compared to booking with the carrier directly. During the 12th EU-Ukraine Summit inthe EU tabled an "enhanced association agreement" including chapters on future trade relations. This is still a point of contention between the two powers and within Ukraine itself, but there is little doubt that there will be increased opportunities for companies to export to Ukraine in the future.

To get a quote and compare parcel delivery prices, simply enter the weight and dimensions of the parcel you wish to send into the quote form above. Quote Now. Following the global economic downturn, exports suffered a decline but have started to show signs of recovery since The most popular commodities imported to the Ukraine from the UK include cereals, clothing and transport equipment and, in spite of recent economic troubles, the general consensus is that Ukraine has significant economic potential.

ukraine parcel service

If you are considering expanding your business by exporting to Ukraine then you can save money on shipping by booking your services through Transglobal Express. After over 20 years in the industry, we know that SMEs appreciate a dedicated, knowledgeable and helpful customer care team, and this is what we provide to all of our customers.

If your documents can fit into a branded UPS Envelope and weigh no more than 1kg, this service is for you. For more information, or to get a quote, please click here. Although within Europe, Ukraine is not a member of the European Union. All shipments to the country from the UK are therefore subject to customs clearance and must be accompanied by four copies of a customs invoice. Ukrainian customs tend to be quite strict and there are specific details that must be shown on the customs invoice including detailed goods descriptions, commodity codes, the value and quantitiy of each commodity delivered, the terms of delivery and the freight charges.

All goods with a value over EUR should also be accompanied by an original Certificate of Origin where possible. For further information on customs restrictions for parcel delivery to Ukraine, please visit our country information page or consult the Ukraine government website.

Other, more economical, services may take up to four days to reach their destination. You can calculate how long your parcel will take to reach its destination by entering these details into the transit times calculators on our Transit Times page.

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Keep me logged in. Please enter your TP- reference or tracking number. Track Tracking information for this shipment is currently unavailable or was not found. Please contact customer services on or try again later. For our latest coronavirus service updates, please see our alerts page. We are open on Saturday 9am-1pm as normal.All you need to do is choose the one the one that suits your needs — and your budget — best. So, if you need to send a parcel to the Ukraine, trust to deliver.

Track every shipment in real time. And we'll email you once delivered. Book up to 3pm from many areas. Delivery to countries worldwide. We're Trading Standards Approved. We offer you a variety of prices to choose from ; all you need to do is give us the details of your shipment, and then pick the price that suits you best.

Enter your parcel details Compare courier services Book your delivery.

Track all your parcels in Ukraine. Simple and Easy!

That means that all packages that enter the country will have to clear customs, and will have duties and taxes applied. To make sure that your fees are applied correctly, you will need to fully declare the nature and value of your goods in your customs paperwork. Failure to do so could result in extra charges or delays in clearing customs. When you make a booking withwe will offer you both same day and cheaper next day collection options. We also offer a range of convenient drop-off services, which enable you to drop your parcel at a local retailer, at a time convenient to you.

We will not make attempts at delivery on weekends or public holidays, so keep that in mind when making your bookings. We attempt three deliveries with most delivery partners — some partners, like DPD, will only make one however. We know that it can be intimidating to entrust your goods to a shipping company, which is why we make sure that your shipments are in the best possible hands — and that you know it.

We let you keep an eye on your package from the moment it departs until the moment it arrives — in real time. To make sure that your goods enter the country without any problems, be sure to make it clear that they are being sent as a gift. Shipping even the bulkiest, heaviest goods is simplified thanks to. We work with specialist partners to deliver packages of all shapes and sizes — even pallets.Canada and Ukraine businesses depend on low cost parcel delivery to capitalize on the FTA and realize the incredible opportunity.

Parcel Shipping Options to Ukraine. Shipping Ukraine from Canada. Shipping to the Ukraine via Canada Post. Canada Post offers low cost small package shipping from Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and all of Canada via thousands of outlets. Canada Post parcel shipping to the Ukraine include the following options:. Shipping to Ukraine via Jet Worldwide Canada. Contact our team for a quote or information on shipping your international parcels to Ukraine.

Shipping to The Ukraine via Purolator Canada. Purolator is a leading domestic carrier in Canada and offers international express delivery via other carriers such as UPS Canada. Information on importing Parcels to Ukraine from Canada.

To take advantage of the duty free status for Canadian origin goods sent to the Ukraine, a certificate of origin and perhaps other paperwork is required. Often, paying Ukraine duty for low value parcels is preferred to the administrative cost of obtaining and managing certificates of origin. See note below on duty free status of low value parcels.

Jet Worldwide Canada help's connect people, parcels and businesses around the world! Topics: parcel shipping from canada to ukrainelow cost parcel shipping to ukraineshipping from canada to ukrainedelivery to kiev from Canada. Jet Worldwide views parcels as a form of communications: International parcel delivery represents a physical connection in our virtual world. Cross border e-commerce is transforming logistics with direct parcel flows between key trading partners.

The trade between China and Canada continues to grow. Canadian companies are increasingly looking to ship to the China to take advantage of this incredible market. Search this site on Google Search Google. Jet Worldwide Blog.You have multiple tracking numbers, different logistics providers, looking for regular track event updates?

ukraine parcel service

We have you covered. Allow us to take out the complexity of tracing your shipments across different carriers. Track all your parcels in Ukraine. Simple and Easy! Nova Poshta. Ukraine EMS. DHL Express. What customers are thinking? Overall Rating 2. On time delivery 2. Delivery experience 2. Overall Rating 3.

On time delivery 3. Delivery experience 3. Parcel Monitor user from United Kingdom 2 days ago. Parcel Monitor user from Finland 10 days ago. Parcel Monitor user from Singapore 19 days ago. Feeling robbed with your advance payment.

No forewarning nor request for us to pay before you pay. I did not ask you to pay the customs and would have immediately done so if you did. I understand this is "industry practice" but very much akin to racketeering. Ok to charge customers in advance that to hedge the risk on your side but do reimburse this after that. Parcel Monitor user from Israel 24 days ago. Parcel Monitor user from United Kingdom a month ago.

Although your site gave me information on item leaving Ukraine, it gave me no further updates and the my item arrived yesterday!!

Parcel Monitor user from United States a month ago. The tracking was OK until the package arrived at the delivery facility in Manchester. There were no further updates until the package arrived at my house. The delivery driver was very cheerful and efficient.

Within 5 minutes of signing for the package I received an SMS alert that delivery was complete. My main gripe is that there was no message to the effect that the package was out for delivery.

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