X plane 11 tutorial

The Cessna SP is a single-engine, fixed-wing aircraft with a tricycle landing gear. It has a cruise speed of knots and a range of nautical miles. More Cs have been built than any other aircraft, making it the most successful plane in history. More information. More powerful. Made usable. The Latest. Aircraft Usability World Overhauled fleet Aircraft models that stand up to scrutiny, from the gear trucks to the rivets.

IFR-ready cockpits Every 3-D cockpit is usable for instrument flight. Brand new user interface Easier to learn for new users. Faster for power users. Improved 3-D cockpit interaction Cockpit controls are easier than ever to set just right. Brian Lewis I was determined to get [my private pilot license]. Captain Jan Vogel X-Plane is my flight simulator because it offers great flight models, excellent political acronyms, a smooth frame rate, and realistic weather and lighting.

Philipp J. Professor Tom Gielda X-Plane is the perfect learning tool for the engineers of today and tomorrow. Sign Up. Order Now Purchase X-Plane 11 to access full world scenery and unlimited flight time. Buy Now.Home Games News Cosplay. Ever wondered how to create a time-lapse in X-Plane 11? Wonder no more, as this guide will flash before you're eyes. Especially if they involve X-Plane and some dodgy programming. Well, fellow pilots, this guide will fly by as you read it, because it's simple!

First of all, go ahead and start up X-Plane Turn AI traffic on, or do whatever you want to do with your time-lapse. Adjust the lighting, configure the weather and position your view in an appropriate place. Next, click on File, and then Configure Video Settings. Adjust the settings for the video you intend making. In this case, I've selected some high settings. A frame rate of 60 will give smoothest results, which is what I record at usually. Lowering this to 24 gives the effect seen in films.

Upon clicking the time lapse button, a slider will appear. The time multiplier dictates how fast your video will play back. Set this to if you'd like to simulate a day at the airport, or something like 25 for shorter time-frames. Hint: Recording a time-lapse, as in real life, will not speed things up. You can't attend and record an entire football match in five minutes, right?

Same thing for X-Plane The reason for this is because if the sim went any faster, then you'd effectively need to multiply the speed of your CPU by however many times your time-lapse is, as X-Plane 11 will need to calculate the whole sim much quicker.

And with a bit of creativity and a free evening, you can modify your time-lapse to create funny and entertaining videos. The video below took me a few hours to make, and the end results are very satisfying I hope you have many fun hours using X-Plane 11, and as always Written by Alexander John.Now for some important data about the flight.

x plane 11 tutorial

A simple entry of our cruise speed of knots and a cruise altitude of ft, are in turn entered into the scratchpad, and again transferred to L1 and R1 respectively.

If we now return to the LEGS page Figure 11we can see our speed and altitude references displayed in green on the right. Here you will see your previously programmed departure and arrival airports in the center.

By pressing the key L1 it will bring up the options to input the departure runway Figure We have selected R3 for runway 23L. No SID is specified. Once again, press the EXEC key to enter. No star is specified in our route plan so just the runway is required. Figure Yes, I admit I made the correct decision and waived off an attempted landing on My phone is not real good with encrypted e-mails, and this one was no different.

It took me a few tries to get it open, but eventually it worked. And yes, it's 31 degrees here and light snow! April Took an early morning flight out of San Diego to get back to Detroit. PART 1. This system was used in a high school classroom environment until Advanced Search.

If this is your first visit, welcome! Please note that you will need to register to use many of the site's best features, including downloading files and posting messages. Until you register you can read any of the articles on this page and also read messages in the forums.This makes it easy to connected all sorts of hardware parts, like switches, buttons, rotary encoders, LED's, potentiometers and much more. All of this is interfaced with an easy to understand API.

For those who want to take it up a notch there's our Arduino library, which can be integrated right into your Arduino Sketch and makes it possible to communicate with Air Manager and Air Player. Air Manager. The best instrument panel tool on the market. Air Manager is an application which allows you to create your own 2D flight simulator panels.

You can run it on the same computer as your flight simulator, or on a seperate computer. It will automatically connect to your X-plane, FSX or Prepar3d flight simulator on your local network.

Choose your panel from one of the included 20 pre-made panels, or create your own from a library of more than free instruments. Is the instrument you are looking for not in our library? No problem, you can create your own by using our simple API in combination with the Lua scripting language. Read more Panel layout. Flight simulator. Automatically connects to X-plane, FSX or Prepar3d running on the same computer or another computer on your network.

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Click on the button on the right to see which panels are available for purchase. Sim Innovations Arduino! Read more. Create Instruments.

x plane 11 tutorial

Create instruments quickly using an easy to use language called Lua and our powerfull and simple API. Open Instrument API. Once added, you can move and rotate and hide them with ease. Once added, easily change, move and hide the text.H ello and welcome to this tutorial. As I am sure you all know, in most cases in X-Plane 10, the FMC in a large aircraft was a fairly basic 'point and shoot' affair, with the exception of good payware models.

This is not so in X-Plane Here we are given a more useful and feature-packed FMC as standard, and it is from this we will take our example for this tutorial, using the default X-Plane 11 Boeing Being from the UK, naturally I chose a route in an area I was familiar with. Using an online route finder, the data for my flight was mapped out, as shown below. To begin with, we will use Runway 23L as the departure runway, as our route takes us in a south-westerly direction.

Figure 1. If we take a closer look Figure 2 we can see the default FMC index page outlined in red, and that it is page 1 of 1. The message at the bottom also tells us that the navaid database is not current but this can be easily rectified with an update from the Navigraph web site for a small fee.

However, it is still functional, so for the purpose of this tutorial it can remain as it is.

Instrument panels

Figure 2. Yes, I admit I made the correct decision and waived off an attempted landing on My phone is not real good with encrypted e-mails, and this one was no different. It took me a few tries to get it open, but eventually it worked. And yes, it's 31 degrees here and light snow! April Took an early morning flight out of San Diego to get back to Detroit.

PART 1. This system was used in a high school classroom environment until Advanced Search.One day I was flying in the x-plane 11 defaultand I wanted to know how to put waypoints in the FMC. I searched online, and the only tutorials I could find were for the Zibo Eventually I figured out how to program the FMC so now I am making a tutorial for less experienced players.

My cruising altitude will be ft, I will be going at knots and my callsign will be AAL Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Before you can program your FMC you need to have waypoints. I recommend SkyVector It is a free website you can use to find waypoints and flight routes. Doing this will make that option go into your scratchpad.

Now your NAV flight plan is complete, but you still need to configure the climb cruise and descent. Question 2 months ago on Step Iam french canadian. Answer 2 months ago. That's so true, it took me quite a while to figure out what they all meant. Question 7 months ago on Introduction.

X-Plane 11 - How to Create a Time-Lapse Video

I am super sorry for the extremely late reply! On the defaultthe keypad is down and to the right, just to the upper left of the throttle levers.

X-Plane 11 - Complete Tutorial (Begineer/Professional) - B 737-800 KLAS ✈ KLAX

By KamranSiddiq Follow. More by the author:. Add Teacher Note. Since my cruising altitude is I will leave the CLB page as it is. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It!

x plane 11 tutorial

Embed Tinkercad Designs in Instructables by bekathwia in Websites. Reply Upvote. Answer Upvote. KamranSiddiq xenod Answer 2 months ago.

KamranSiddiq m. Penolopy Bulnick 1 year ago. That looks like a lot of work! It's great you were able to figure that out :.Ortho4XP is a great freeware tool to build your own photo sceneries for X-Plane 11 — just in a few clicks.

x plane 11 tutorial

After a short wait you have a detailed photo scenery for your own use including mesh, roads, Autogen and Airports. However it might be a bit challenging to use the software.

However, it should not be obtained from there. The developer places the current version in his dropbox and publishes the direct link to it in the signature of his profile. Accordingly, you should have a look here. After downloading the zip folder has to be unpacked into any directory — in my case this is the program folder on the hard disk. In any case, there should still be enough space on your hard disk, because photo sceneries can become large.

What else is noteworthy is important: You must have the region for which you want to create a photo scenery installed in X-Plane If in doubt, check the installer again. Now we start the actual creation process. This is very easy, but it takes some time until the individual tiles have been downloaded from the provider. First of all, it should be noted that we are unfortunately not Ortho4XP experts and do not have any in-depth knowledge here either.

This post should only be a quick, superficial application tutorial. This must be carried out with a double-click. Now a window appears. The higher the zoom level, the better the scenery is detailed; but the size will then also increase. The overlays are the Autogen as well as the roads, railway lines and airports, which will be shown later on the photo scenery.

It is also possible to use the HD Mesh v3 from alpilotx. But first the standard scenery, which already looks very good.

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